Thursday, July 30, 2009

My First Hair Cut

I'm back! My Mom has been the main blogger for quite awhile, but because we're leaving for Germany tomorrow, she let me do a post. I'd like to tell you about my first hair cut.

"Mom . . . you're letting Dad use those scissors on me??"

Last weekend when my Crazy Uncle Lance and Aunt Kristi were here, Daddy decided it was time to give my hair a trim. I must admit, I was getting tired of Mom constantly messing with the hair in my eyes or on my neck. So I guess Dad knew what he was talking about when he said I needed a hair cut.

"I've got candy to eat while this thing happens . . . not too shabby."

Mommy of course whipped out the camera to take pictures while Daddy chopped away. I heard my Nana tell Mom that she didn't trust Daddy to cut my hair well beacuse of how he cuts his own hair. I kind of like Daddy's summer hair cut. It's soft and fuzzy.

"Had I known he was going to give me crooked bangs, I'd have asked for a refund."

Overall, the haircut turned out pretty good. I have less hair in my eyes, and my neck doesn't get so hot. Did you know that it's REALLY hot here?? We stayed inside a lot this week in our diapers. Well, I wore my diaper most of the time. Don't worry, I'm not saying Mommy and Daddy have diapers, much less wear them at home!! But we did do whatever we could to stay cool.

"Just about done!"

We're off to Germany tomorrow where the weather looks like it'll be a lot cooler. I can't wait to see old friends!!


kpjordan said...

Renae, you were so brave. Kaylin would be very proud of you.
Jesse has been cutting others' hair since he was 4..or was it 5? Of course, that was a team effort with his brother and sister.
Love this post!!!
(I totally understand Wendi's reservation with Jesse cutting hair because of what he does with his own. But...does he ever listen to his own mom when it comes to his hair? Really!! Where's the respect?)

Wendi Reger said...

Once again I say "take the scissors away from him!" Girls are suppose to have hair that curls around their sweet necks and big brown eyes.

Scott & Julie said...

Why did you cut her pretty hair you crazies. Just for that we're not coming to Spain anymore.

Okay, we'll still come. But you better put the scissors away.

Anonymous said...

If I send you some $ will you PLEASE take Renae to a professional! :)
Aunt Lori

kpjordan said...

It's ok Jesse and Julie...I understand cutting the hair away from her eyes. And she's still awful cute!

kpjordan said...

PS...sounds like it's a good thing you're in Spain...I think it's safer for you just now.