Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blogging Might Not be on my To-Do List

I really think blogging has simply lost it's appeal to me. It's either that, or I'm just really busy. Maybe a little of both? At least it's a good busy. God has provided Jesse and I with 4 different part time jobs. One of mine isn't really a job, but I kind of feel like it because of how much time it's been taking lately. Are you curious yet? Are you wondering if I'm going to tell you what it is? Well considering I'm usually such a discreet person . . .

My Spanish school is actually really taking off! Little Amigos has it's first set of classes in 2 weeks and my K-2 class is FULL! I even had to turn away 4 different kids. And they were kids from off campus which means they don't get the really really really (really-we're all broke here.) cheap price I'm giving seminary families. So I'm trying to work it out to add another K-2 class in the morning for the on campus homeschooled kids. I'm not sure if I have the time to do a 3rd class though . . . we'll just have to see.

Because of this "job" and my other super part time job working for an awesome organization that helps Christ followers connected with other Christ followers who live and work in Europe, I've just been busy! And I'm also having to be super scheduled with my day so that I can maximize my time with my kids. I'm learning that I have to designate certain times of the day to each job otherwise I could spend all day replying to emails, and spend none of it with my kids. Or cleaning my house. Or couponing (yes I still do that-it's so much easier now!). Or being a stellar seminary wife. I'd prefer not to fail at the wife and Mom thing so managing my time is a must. I can't say I finish every day perfectly. Some days, I break of my rule and get online before my run and devotions. Bad idea. It always ends up sucking me into something that I have scheduled to work on later. Or sometimes I'm just selfish and lazy and I get sucked into the internet just because!

So if you think of it, pray for me. Pray that I'll be good at managing my time, and that I'll stick to my "rules." When I stick to them, I get to enjoy my kids, and I get to enjoy the times when I DON'T have something scheduled, better. I really think that once classes get going, it will be better because I'll have my curriculum in place by then, and I won't be email 20 different parents.

I have some fun pictures to post of Renae's birthday party. I can't take credit for any of them as my awesome mother-in-law worked her magic and caught some precious moments. Gag. I just said precious moments. So hopefully I'll get those pictures up soon. After that, I can't promise many blog posts. If you are wondering why, re-read this post, you blog skimmer!