Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guten Tag!

After some very serious thought and consideration, we've decided we are going to move to Bavaria, Germany. It doesn't matter we don't speak German or have a job there. It's just where we want to live. OK, we're not really moving but we all can dream can't we?

View of the Bavarian Alps

We returned from a week long conference in Germany and fell in love with the scenary. Every day we were able to look out the large windows in the conference center and see something similar to the scene above. The weather was much cooler than it is here in Spain, and everything was greener! What a nice change of pace for early August. I'll be posting more pictures of the scenary from our day off in a later post.

Everyday we experienced great Germany food, buffet style. I think I had meat and potatoes almost twice a day! Renae did a great job eating the variety of food we gave her.

And she even learned how to drink out of a wine glass . . .

Renae and her friend a year and a half ago . . .

. . . And the two cuties in Germany!

This time they actually played with each other and had a great time.

The four friends back in January . . .

And here they are in August!

Seriously, Renae had so much fun running and playing around with these 3. And we had a blast hanging out with their parents!

Me and my favorite guy, with the view from our hotel behind us. Gorgeous. (I'm talking about the view . . . .)

We found a huge chess board on one of the roofs of the hotel. There was also a sand volleyball court up there! Crazy! Renae enjoyed moving the big chess pieces all over the board.

Plotting her next move . . .

Renae the daredevil

We were able to enjoy the indoor pool a few times and of course, Renae was a fish. She has really gotten better at kicking her little legs all over the pool, and jumping into the water (even when we're not looking!)

"Hey David!!"
Renae's best buddy David couldn't come in and swim, but he had fun watching from the outside.

Daddy and Renae had a cold one day so they skipped out and rested . . .
More to come later!


kpjordan said...

Sorry LP and Daddy had a cold, but glad they had the opportunity to have a rest. She looks older with every post! And is so blamed cute! I love it that she looks so happy. She definitely is a people person.
What a wonderful opportunity for you to travel to Germany. Jesse's great grandparents came from there.
The scenery looks very inviting...very refreshing and relaxing for both body and soul.

Jenny said...

it is so pretty there. we will move there with you. renae and her friends have grown so much!

Elizabeth said...

We agree! Bavaria and Austria are our favorites in Europe. So if you find a place we'll come join you! If you ever get the chance to go to Austria go to Hallstatt. It is beautiful! Amazing! I would love to be there now!

Mari Bryant- Marks said...

I agree, it is gorgeous there. What was the conference for?