Sunday, November 22, 2009

Renae's Ramblings-Part 16

Hey everybody! It's been awhile. My Mommy has been SUPER busy with my bratty-I mean sweet little brother. I guess because I set such a good example of what a baby is like, Sammy has some big shoes to fill. Apparently I didn't cry quite as much as Sammy. But on Tuesday, Sammy didn't seem nearly as fussy. Infact, he was a pretty fun little dude. Mommy says he was so calm because she stopped eating any kind of chocolate. I don't get it. All I know is Mommy was sad about this news . . .

So, Mommy's been busy trying to figure out what made Sammy fussy, and then she was taking care of all of us because we all got some bad colds. I didn't mind it so much. The snot that dripped down my nose into my mouth didn't taste too bad. Mommy says I shouldn't write that because it's gross, but it's my turn to blog! She says to make sure to tell you that she hasn't forsaken the blog, but she's been busy trying to be a Mama to Sammy and me and figure out her rhythm with Sammy. He's a BIG eater. I watched Mommy change him last night and whew, some of his clothes sure do make his butt look big. (I hate to say it but someone needs to tell him how it is!) Well, I need to go to bed because we have a big day tomorrow! Uncle Scott and Aunt Julie are coming to see me!!! I can't wait to see them and show off my park, my room, my friends, oh, and my brother. I really do like my little brother. I like him so much that I decided he could write on the blog too. But he only gets to do the captions. Bye bye!

Sister squishing me.

Can you feel the love?

That's our Spanish Abuelito with Renae. She really likes him.

Ha ha sissy. He likes me better.

I'm the coolest sibling. So there. Pfffffff.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Many Faces of Sammy

4 Weeks Old Already . . .

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Date Night!

I can count the number of dates we've had since arriving in April of 2008 on 10 fingers. Can you guess how many dates?? (Answer below . . . . )

Galician food market in Chueca

OK, so I don't know if we've been on exactly 10 dates, but the number is an estimate. You get the idea-we don't get to go on dates very often! So when my friend Paula came to visit/spoil us, we were excited to have a baby-sitter so we could head out. It was the first time we'd been on a day without my baby belly so I was happy to put on cute jeans instead of maternity jeans. We had no problem forgetting about the kids and just enjoying ourselves!

Queso tetilla

Chueca is a neighborhood in Madrid known for it's great restaurants, boutiques and clubs among other things. We've only been to 2 restaurants there but both were really really good. Luckily our good friends Bea and Jose provided us with many tried and true restaurant recomendations.

3 different flavors . . . all so yummy

After dinner Jesse knew I'd need something sweet and this heladeria hit the spot. The ice cream was made right there in the shop!

Ahhh sweet goodness in a waffle cone . . .

Thanks for the hot date Jesse!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Love Fall . . .

Unlike our home state, we are still able to enjoy fall weather here. On a nice day the Masson family of 4 decided to head to our favorite big city park, Retiro.

Renae shows her Daddy the proper technique for fish? bird? horse? riding.

I'm proud to report that my hooter hider works GREAT!

Again, Renae is demonstrating a skill to Daddy.

"Let's go that way!"

Almost got a smile.

Mother and Daughter 1. . .

Mother and Daughter 2 . . .

Father and children. Wow. Still so weird that we have to say that.

Renae spotted a duck which makes the same noise as a chicken apparently.

And I had to post this one.
It's a very cute Mom dressed nicely, wearing roller skates. Not roller blades, skates. Love it.
Other random news:
  • Sammy weighed 3.9 kilos at his 2 week check up. That means he weighs 8.7 lbs already! Considering Renae didn't even weigh 12 lbs at 6 months . . . I think Sammy is already a bigger and better eater than his sister.
  • My brother and sister-in-law are coming this month!!! Can't wait to show them our city and their newest nephew.
  • My France (not to be mistaken with French) sister-in-law is the voice of a cartoon character. Her evil laugh is amazing. Click here to check it out.