Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today is Brought to you by the Letter B

B is for Baby, Bumble Bee and Bible
B is for Biblioteca (library in Spanish)
B is for tower of Babel (when the people of earth became too proud and God mixed their language)
B is for Aunt Britt and Tia Bea (we prayed for you both today!)

By the way, bringing up children sometimes drives me bonkers! But there are funny moments to help me make it through a day:

Last night Renae was naked (she likes to "do naked" before putting on her pajamas) and coming up the stairs with her hands behind her back . . .

Me: Renae, what's in your hands?
Renae: Butt.

It was true. Her butt was in her hands . . .

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let the Learning Begin . . .

Yes. It's been a month since I updated. This is what happens when you no longer live overseas, far away from all friends and family. I also don't take nearly as many pictures. This is partly due to the fact that I no longer live in a foreign country where cool picture opportunities abound, and partly due to the fact that we live with my parents. If you've ever been around a Grandma or Nana you know that they are pretty good at taking pictures! Therefore, I haven't used my own camera in oh . . . a month. I need to get a hold of those precious pictures of the kids that are filling up my Mom's camera.

So in recent news . . . I'm starting a daily alphabet theme with Renae. I partly stole the idea from Sheryl. I doubt I'll do it every day but Renae is at the age where she is able to understand a lot of fun things so I thought I'd take advantage of this stage. I'll try and post our alphabet fun on here as I do each day.

Today is brought to you by the letter A

A is for Apple.
A is for Abraham who obeyed God. (We watched a cute cartoon on youtube and then talked about it.)
A is for Amor, the Spanish word for love.
A is for Aicha who we prayed for today.