Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What we've Been Up to Since Christmas

We had a great time in Iowa with Jesse's family and my family over Christmas. The nurf gun war was perhaps my favorite. I ate waaaayyyyyy to much. One of our gifts we received was a gym membership so the kids and I have been at the YMCA every day. We love it.

I'll be adding some pics on Facebook of my recent trip to Madrid, Spain and Basel, Switzerland for my job. I work for The Upstream Collective and we had a retreat for Skybridge Community members in Basel. It was great and made me so grateful to be doing a part time job that allows me to use my gifts, and still spend most of my day with my family. It's the perfect combo.

Let me be honest . . . I don't see myself updating on this blog very often. I feel like I've said that with each post I've done recently. So if you want to see pics of the kids, I hope to post more to Facebook. Otherwise . . . you'll just have to come visit us in KC!