Saturday, January 2, 2010

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

Deer Teechur,
This wuz my furst Krismus vakachun and I rilly likd it.

I lurnd how to lay on my bely and lik the flor.

Then I wint to Caceres and my anty Paula held me lots. I lik her.

My sistur playd with the gurls. Boreen.

My mommy stil fed me. Whew.

Mommy put us in Krismus close.

I luvd been with my famly.

My mommy had a burthday and it was fun.

My sistur got to eet fun ice kreem. I did not lik that.

I lik my daddy.

I spent nu yeers eve with my "abwaylos."

I tok a nap there. I mised teo feday.

(Mommy's interjecting here . . .
Cile and Kari, this picture is for you. Can you guess where the chair is from?)

On Nu yeers day daddy wuz rily hapy. Becuz . . .

He got to watch futbal. I dont no hoo florida stat is, but they cheerd for them.
Thank yu for reeding my letter. Pleese give me a A.
Sincirly, Sammy


Anonymous said...

Sammy, I'm glad you're old enough not to cheer for FSU :) The Paella looks great, glad everyone appears to have had a wonderful New Year's/B-day celebration. Hurry home so you can dress in black and gold. Love,PAPA

kpjordan said...

Sammy, I give you an A+ for phonics (fonnix) spelling. You must take after your mommy because your daddy has never liked to write. I'm so glad your whole family had such a fun Christmas and New Year. We are so excited to get to meet you this month...and to see your sister and mommy and daddy again. And we are so very thankful that you are feeling so much better. There were a lot of people "thinking" about you while you were so sick.

Mark, Kendra, and Evan said...

I've been looking at your blog, watching Sammy grow, and reliving the stages of Evan's life too! It looks like you guys are savoring the final moments you have there. :) Thanks for your comment! I completely understand about the moving stress--we managed to sell or give away just about everything, but it was sooooo hard to find a home for everthing. Evan learned to crawl (that is, move forward) the day before we started taking apart the apartment, so that complicated things as well (made for some frustrations, while at the same time being SO PROUD!). :) I'm wishing you the very best!

You are right about saying goodbye to Kari! We're all so lucky to have made such good friends while living so far from home! She kept me sane many many times. :)

Take care!
Kendra (and Evan and Mark)

Wendi Reger said...

Sammy you have GREAT potential in blogging. Can't wait to see you and your family in less than three weeks!

Mandi said...

I agree Sammy - A+!! And I hope to see you blog more, I love it!! I can't wait to meet you!!

J. et K. said...

Hmm... not so sure I like Sammy being such a good writer at such a young age. Really sets the bar high for our (imaginary) kids... who are apparently supposed to be smart. With my genes, they certainly aren't going to be the athletic/coordinated ones!

Anonymous said...

A+ Sammy!
(I loved the "boreen" comment!)
I, too got to watch the Florida State game, Jesse. First game in a looooonnng time. (Papa was here, so of course football was on :)
And Julie, you look great for being so much older now. (Could you please hurry up and get into your 30's)?!? :)

P_31Girl said...

I'm sorry Sammy, I love you very much, but unlike all of these people who got an "education" from Ames High, I think you need to work a little on your spelling!! But don't worry, you will be here and soon and your Aunt Tarica can help you with that!! I am very glad that you have gotten so much use out of your Santa look VERY cute in it! And I wouldn't be happy if my sister got ice cream and I didn't...I love ice cream! Again, don't worry, you will be here and soon and Aunts and Uncles are for spoiling...SO, Uncle Timmy and I will make sure you get to try some yummy ice cream!

P_31Girl said...

PS...Julie....I laughed really hard at the first birthday picture. At first I thought that Jesse was sitting behind you at another table and I was really confused. Then I saw the mirror!! LOL!

Beatriz said...

Sammy, you know I love you, but please have a little mercy with your non american friends. You have to work on your spelling, please... I know is hard, (just take a look at my writting), but you are young and you´ll learn. It looks like you are gifted for this, just as the rest of your family :)