Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Great CVS Deal

Yesterday I got a box of Pampers diapers (64 count) for $3.49. Well, it's basically like that. Here is how it worked:

  • CVS has Pampers for sale (not on sale) at $21.99
  • I had a coupon for $1.50 off.
  • I also had $3 in Extra Care Bucks from my last CVS purchase.
  • I also had $4 in Extra Care Bucks because every few months, CVS gives you 2% of the TOTAL amount spent back to you. So even though I've only actually spent about $30, my Extra Care account shows that I spent $84.11. If you do the math, (which I'm horrible at) you'll see that 2% of $84.11 is NOT $4. So I'm not sure why I got 4% back but I'll take it!
  • With ECB's and a coupon, that brought my total to $13.49 (cheaper than Target brand!)
  • When you buy 1 box of Pampers diapers, you receive $10 in Extra Care Bucks.
  • Bringing the grand total to $3.49. Wow.
Now granted, I actually had to pay $13.49 of actual cash yesterday. But what I'll do is spend those $10 ECB on something where I only pay the overage to reach $10. So I'll wait for something that is "Buy $10 of Cover Girl products and get $3 ECB's." See this post for an example of this.

What it comes down to is I get a box of diapers and $10 of other merchandise for only $13.49. I'm loving getting things for dirt cheap. Now that I've been couponing and CVSing for almost 2 months, I feel like I've learned a few things and understand everything a lot better. Be looking for a post in the next few days about it. I'm still hooked!


Dee said...

Julie, you're doing wonderfully! I think your competative spirit has been challenged. :o)

Jenny said...

That is AWESOME! Maybe I'll have to pick your brain more. I went to CVS to sign up, but I didn't. The things I was going to buy at CVS were still cheaper at Target. Maybe not cheaper with ECB, I don't know. All I know is that I was going to buy toothpaste. It was on sale and I had a coupon but I was still going to be paying over $5 out of pocket for 2 tubes of colgate and I didn't consider that a deal. I think I must be missing something. On the plus side I saved something like $15 in coupons at target yesterday and the credit goes to you for inspiration. P.S. Target is NOT picky about coupons...unlike Walgreens who are Nazis.