Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th

We celebrated the 4th of July in typical American fashion. Hotdogs and hamburgers with my Mom's baked beans recipe, and of course watermelon. After lunch we headed over to the waterpark for a relaxing day in the sun. We are discovering that our little girl is a daredevil and a certified fish.

Someone is happy to be at the pool.

Renae had energy to run, swim and splash despite the lack of nap.

We even make her blow up her own arm floaties. Just kidding. She likes to "help."

That's one cold little fishy.

Post-cheese face (or pre-cheese face, not sure)
Renae decided the conventional way to go down a slide wasn't fun enough . . .


Nate and Natalie said...

Glad you had a great fourth. I was hoping to see Renae in her little red matching dress :)

kpjordan said...

So glad you were able to celebrate the 4th!!! And that you had such a wonderfully, fun family day! Maybe we'll see you next 4th of July!
Love you and miss you all.

Anonymous said...

Wow -
Renae is getting longer(ie: older) in the face and tall! Can't wait to see her in person again! (~Xmas '10 ??)
-Aunt Britt