Thursday, December 23, 2010

Celebrating Christmas in KC

Union Station had FREE admission to a Holiday Train and a visit with Santa.

About ready to board the holiday train.

One of the train cars had a huge model train and town set up for Christmas. So cute.

Renae loved the train.


We ended the evening at Noodles and Company. Yummmy.

Maybe someday we'll take one in NYC when Jesse takes me on my dream trip.



Merry Christmas.


J. et K. said...

Great pictures... especially the last one!

Mandi said...

Is it bad that I went through this whole post and all I could think was "ooh! Cute boots!!!" ;) lol!

Oh yeah, cute kids too I guess ;)

kpjordan said... this family post! What fun! Look at Sammy's long lashes!

P_31Girl said...

I was thinking the SAME THING Mandi!