Friday, July 17, 2009

Guess Who Arrived . . . almost 2 weeks ago?

Ok . . . soI didn't really lie when I posted this picture last time. Eric DID arrive . . . just not yesteday as it seemed. And this picture was taken on Tuesday morning when Jesse dropped him off at the airport to return to the US. Eric arrived on July 4th and spent a little over a week with us. His Mom wasn't expecting him home for another 2 weeks, and she thought he'd be arriving here yesterday. However my cousins and uncles knew that Eric was secretly arriving early to surprise her on her birthday-yesterday!

So . . . I couldn't post about any of our adventures (which actually weren't that many because of the baskeball camp we were helping out with) because then Aunt Becky would know Eric was already here. Add to that the fact that my camera died and I didn't recharge it until Thursday . . . and then I was cautious about taking pictures with Eric around, I literally have 3 pictures of him from his time here. Three. Oops . . . While he was here we did have Kurdish food (it was really yummy), we did go out for tapas, we did visit El Escorial (see pictures below) and we did enjoy the company.

The view from a palace in El Escorial

Phillip II built this palace/monastry and today it houses many of the dead Spanish monarchs. In one of the fancy tombs there were a few blank caskets-these are all ready for the current Spanish King and Queen when they die . . .

Part of the palace . . .

Jesse and Eric at a bullfight!

The team of volunteers from the states were given free tickets to a bullfight and Jesse and Eric went along. This was Jesse's 2nd bullfight, and Eric's first. He loved it so much he went the next week too. Both times I was pursuaded to come. Both times I said "Eww, no thank you."
Aunt Becky, I hope you enjoyed the surprise and I hope my post aided in throwing you off. :) Eric was worried you would ruin your own surprise by being snoopy so I had to help where I could. Happy Birthday too!!

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Becky said...

You all had me hook, line & sinker!!! I can't believe that so many people kept that a surprise for so long without letting anything slip!! I had absolutely NO IDEA or any inkling at all that he was going to be here early!!! You are all very good at secrets!! It was a GREAT surprise...I was in shock & think I still am since I really haven't had a chance to sit & talk with him (people came over after we ate). Thanks for hosting him & helping him pull off his will be a birthday I won't soon forget!! :)