Monday, July 27, 2009

Come On Baby!

In December we had one set of good friends come see us, and this past weekend, we had the other set come see us. We are so blessed!!

Kristi and the Preggo in the Plaza Mayor.

Jesse and I-can't-take-a-normal-picture-Lance in the Plaza Mayor

P.S. Valerie, Kristi and I took a picture in front of the palace with "you" in it. But it's on their camera so they'll have to do the photo shop to get you in it. You enjoyed it. I promise. :)

Who knew we had access to Mt. Dew?

Lance, Mr. Statue, and Jesse. All in serious Nacho thought.
On Friday we headed to the waterpark where we all fried. Literally. We had a long relaxing day in the sun and on the slides (even me! I sucked in my tummy so I could do just one ride.) and in the wavepool. Again, Renae was a fish. By the end of the day, Lance, Kristi and I were burned to a crisp. And yes, we used sunscreen.

Kristi is laughing about something, and Renae is trying to help.

After a long day at the pool, we celebrated 3 birthdays within a month of each other. I sang all by myself.

Saturday was a special day so Renae needed to get dolled up.

It was special because we went and ate amazing burgers at Alfredos Bar-b-que!! (Going there is like a quick trip back to the states.)

Riding on the bus to do tapas.

Enjoying the churros just a bit too much . . .
There is more to come. Check back later.


kpjordan said...

Julie, I know you guys have been super busy, so we really appreciate your taking the time to blog again. We've been NEEDING new pics of all of you. That pic of Lance, Mr Statue, and Jesse is too funny! Jesse, in the birthday cake pic...your arms!!!...have you been lifting? Very nice. Almost as nice as mine.
Julie, I see your son is growing ;o)
Sure do miss you guys. Glad you're having a wonderful time as a family and enjoying your stay there.

Jenny said...

sounds so fun! I'm jealous....I want to be the friends that get to come visit you!

Anonymous said...

Julie -
You look great in these photos!