Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Year Older

Jesse turned 28 on the 14th and we took the day to relax and celebrate!
With Renae at a friends house for a few hours, we headed to Retiro.

Enjoying my favorite Spanish summer time drink. (Ice, sugar and lemon. Yummy.)

Jesse opened up his cards from Penni and Kevin, and Grandma and Maynard.

What a better way to spend your birthday than rowing a pregnant woman around in a rowboat! I can't complain. It was pretty nice.

We thought it would be fun to make Jesse look like a shmuck for making his pregnant wife row the boat . . . I lasted about 5 minutes . . . and we mostly went in circles.

A statue of a mermaid (not a merman) killing some kind of fish. Nice.

This is the closest I've been to the Alfonso the XII monument.

Spanairds like to make out in public. I consented to a quick kiss on the cheek.

A rare family photo . . .
After our afternoon date, we picked up Renae and headed to a friend's pool for an hour of cooling off. Renae continues to be quite the fish and loves to be in the water. Then, we went home where I made a nice healthy American meal of Chic-fil-A esque fried chicken, and homemade french fries. We topped it off with homemade angel food cake, strawberries and ice cream. Not a bad day.


Wendi Reger said...

Looks like a great way to spend a birthday. Sorry his package has not arrived yet!

Glenn and Cile said...

Yes, we will be in Germany and looking forward to seeing you guys again. Bet Renae has grown a lot!

I want to know if your friend with the pool is with our company and what I can do to get one too. I think Member Care needs a pool and a jacuzzi, don't you? That way folks will want to come to our house to talk in the summer and the winter months!!

I also noticed the Alphonso monument looks a lot like our Heroe's Square. You should come to Budapest to see if you agree.

kpjordan said...

What a wonderful day spent on your birthday, Jesse! Et Bonne Fête (pour quatorze juillet!) (never forget Bastille Day....and the birthdays spent in the corn fields).
Love you, son.

P_31Girl said...

Julie you look so cute in your hat! Wish I could look that good!