Monday, September 29, 2008

A Nice Fall Day . . .

Walking along one of the many trails.

Daddy and Renae taking a walk in the Crystal Palace.

"Hey you! I charge 1 euro per picture!"

We have lots and lots of beautiful fountains.

The only statue in the world dedicated to Lucifer.

Mommy gets a warm fuzzy in her heart.

The glass palace from the inside.

Care for a boat ride?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Office Season Five Has Begun (and of course I turned it into a party)!

Dunder/Mifflin-Spain Branch


Michael played by Jesse

Angela played by Julie (She IS the person in charge of the party planning committee!)

Meredith played by Emily. She's a new Office fan. We caught her up to speed this week.

Pam played by Heather.

Pam played by Laura. (Yes, we had 2 Pam's. Neither of them could really pull off Phyllis so . . )

And the Temp.

Michael called a meeting in the conference room.

He had to go over this agenda. However, he needed much help from Angela to stay on task.

Meredith, Pam and Pam eagerly waiting to watch the "video from corporate."

It begins!!!!!

Michael was voted as Employee as the Month. Angela and the Temp received 1 point each.

The Temp just laughed because she new she'd be his boss one day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Stories from France . . .

Britt and Dan in another cool tower in Vieux Lyon.

Looks like Kari and Britt went somewhere they weren't supposed to . . .

Aww . . . .

Britt and I in the famous red or pink tower.

Look who's the expert walker now!

"What IS this thing I'm on?"

Window scene of a restaurant??

Or miniature model of restaurant!

Britt drools over pastries . . . Jesse over guitars.

"When will these women be done shoping?"

A famous square on a cool rainy day. Love it.

So this isn't a pastry, but at least I caught Britt in the act of stuffing her face instead of me stuffing mine.

Lunch at a little coffee shop. Notice who has Renae of course . . .

Not sure what this is, but I love the many old buildings in Lyon and I LOVED the green landscape! Spain is not so green where we come from . . .

"Seriously people. I'm cold. It's rainy, and I want a pastry too. Can we get out of here?"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stories from France . . .

Although our short trip to France ended over a week ago, I'm still posting pictures because I'm a tad behind. Who knew going from dry Spain, to humid Lyon,France could make ones nose so irritated? I've been a bit down for the count lately. Anyways, we had a great time with Jesse's siblings and in-laws, and look forward to the next time we're all together. (Probably not for another few years . . .)

How can I not love this face? Eating lunch at a great French restaurant with a "Menu del Dia." I have no idea what that's called in French.

View from the bus.

View of Lyon from the Roman Ruins.

Renae the explorer. Not to be confused with Dora! Dora is like a swear word in this house . . . seriously . . . like she actually teaches children Spanish.

Jesse's LOVELY foux-hawk, and Kari's attempt to be Spanish.

Woohoo for presents from the states!

Waiting for the bus on the outskirts of Lyon.

Street in Vieux Lyon.

Trey the Terrific Tour Guide. Sorry. I had to say it.

Aunt Kari saved Renae from the stroller . . .

. . .Just in time to let her play on the old wells!

Renae checks out how the plants have been doing all these years.

Whose mini-me is Renae?

Charming . . .


Hello? Anyone home?

Jesse and Renae exit one of the old passage ways used WAY back in the day, and during WWII.
There is more to come. Check back tomorrow.