Monday, August 2, 2010

Today is Brought to you by the Letter D


Bible Story:
David and Goliath

Dedo (finger)

Pray for:
Uncle Dan
David Wilson
Dani from Spain

Yes, I know, we didn't get very far in our alphabet lessons. Which is why I'm finally starting back up. After 2 months here, we also finally have a solid routine which means I picked Monday's to be my day when I teach Renae a new letter. I spent about 15-20 minutes while Sammy was taking his morning nap to tell Renae the Bible story, talk about the letter D, and pray for our friends and family whose names being with the letter D.

Also, if you are wanting to do your own alphabet book, I found these images for each letter of the alphabet and made it into my own printable book. I'd be more than happy to email you the document if you want. Don't have too high of expectations. Each page has one letter on it and I printed it off to make a "book." Actually . . . it won't be a book until we've gone through the entire alphabet (23 more weeks to go!). For now, I have Renae's "D" page hung at the end of one of our kitchen cabinets so she can look at it all week. Next Monday, I'll trade it out with the letter E. Just remind me to keep the old letters in a safe spot so that I can make the book when we're done!

Look below for letter's A-C, and check back here each Monday (more or less . . . ) for more images and our alphabet. I'm also going to do a a 15-20 lesson in Spanish for Renae every Thursday. If you are interested, I'll post what I'm doing for that and I'll make any documents I do available.



Jenny said...

So fun Julie! I'm starting this with Aiden in the fall. I like the pictures you found better than mine so feel free to send me the link or the document of what you have. Happy learning!

Meredith said...

Such a great idea! I helped teach Jack's preschool class and the most important thing I learned is that any and all of it could easily be done at home for free! And I would love to follow you on the Spanish lessons. Zoie and Jack had no experience with Spanish because it wasn't offered in the Des Moines school system...but it was required once we moved to West Des Moines! Needless to say, they were lost.

Beatriz said...

Thanks for the help, Julie, I´m going to use this with Jaime! He will love them and I wont forget to tell him they are a present from her American aunt. Send me the link, please!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayers for Uncle Dan!
He was sick on Monday... but better on Tuesday :)
-Aunt Britt