Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hot Date!

The last time we had a date was awhile ago. We've been on one other date here, but we were on a double date and it was a last minute plan so I couldn't even enjoy the anticipation of a night (or afternoon in this case) out with my husband. This date was very different, and yet very similar.

Same: we went on a date with each other.

One of the many fountains, and many plazas.

Different: Last time we went out to pizza, this time we make much less money so we stayed in and ate lunch with our baby-sitter. (Also a difference-no Nana and Grandpy to watch Renae!)

Don Quijote anyone?

Same: We went to a movie because we love movies.
Different: There were subtitles in Spanish. Also, we saw the newest Batman movie, The Dark Knight. They weren't kidding when they said DARK. I wouldn't recommend it for a date movie.

The Palace. Looking forward to going in when my 'rents arrive!

Same: We went out for coffee afterwards so we could talk.
Different: We went to Starbucks! We never went there back home, but it's hard to find a good Cafe Diem here . . .

The Palace at Sunset

Same: We have to use our brain. More than usual I mean. We don't get to order food or buy tickets in English anymore.
Different: Usually our dates end either after a coffee shop visit, or after the movie. I mean really, what is there to do? But when you live in a large European city, there is much to see. So we walked and took in some of the sites we haven't seen yet. We are trying to become better tour guides for when we have visitors! (Coming soon . . . in November and December!)

Gotta love the city at night . . .

Same: The cute guy who took me out.
Different: The cute guy didn't pick me up in his hot car. Instead we took public transportation.

I've been hassled lately by a few uncles who want to see more pictures of Renae. I'll post more later, but for now, Renae dressed up as an I-don't-know-what will have to do.


kpjordan said...

I like the picture of the sunset; love the picture of Renae with the scarf wrapped around her. BTW...Grandma and Grandpa would be more than happy to babysit next time you and the "cute guy" are on a date when you're back home in our territory :o)

Scott & Julie said...

Your date looks as if it were a really nice time to have by yourself. I'm glad you two were able to have that precious time togther. Thanks for the cute pictures of Renae.

Jonathan et Kari said...

Glad you guys had some time fo date night.

And as a former dress-up queen, I can say with near certainty that Renae is dressed up as a Romanian gypsy. :)