Saturday, October 11, 2008

When The Cat's Away . . . The Mice Will Play

Renae and I are kickin' it solo this weekend. Jesse's away at a business meeting so we're learning to live life without him! I started thinking about all of the things we've done since Jesse left, and I realize we have done a lot! However, with that realization comes the truth that I'm somewhat boring all by myself. Here is what we've been up to so far: (I've broken them up into 2 categories for easy labeling. When Jesse comes back, he'll want to know how much I did and did not do of one thing particular thing . . . .)

1. One trip to the American store. (Shopping.)
2. One fall afternoon listening to street performers at the Plaza Mayor. (Not shopping.)
3. Two lunches spent watching American TV shows online and enjoying a nice cool Dr. Pepper . . . (Not shopping.)
4. One afternoon at Ikea and a children's clothing store. (Ok, this was supposed to be no shopping, but I couldn't resist a new lamp for our living room, a pair of house slippers, and a candle. Shopping.)
5. One afternoon enjoying tea with some other American women here. (Not shopping.)
6. One evening watching High School Musical 1 and 2. (Not shopping . . .yet. I may have to buy those movies!)
7. One morning at Carre-Four. Buying food and stuff for Renae. (Does this count since everything I bought were necessities? Ok. except for my favorite chips. Fine. Shopping.)
8. One afternoon chatting with a good friend from home, then talking with my Mom, then my mother-in-law, then another woman I know here. (Not shopping.)
9. One evening cleaning the house, cooking Italian Bread Bowls, making Cheesy Potato Soup, and a Waldorf Salad, all because I really wanted to! It's 1:30 a.m. and the soup is almost done. (Not shopping.)

10. Countless late night hours reading a book. Then going to bed wishing my husband was there with me. Sigh. (Not Shopping.)

Ok, so I didn't shop quite as much as I usually do when I have free time to myself without Jesse. This either means I'm growing up and taking more responsibilities seriously, or we are just shorter on cash than in the past. I'm thinking it's a little of both . . .

Now your turn. What do YOU do when your hubby's out of town? (Jess and Mandi, please keep comments under 200 words ;)


Wendi Reger said...

Julie those bread bowls look like they turned out well. I still may go to Panera and order some for Monday night supper. (call me lazy). Wednesday night - went out to supper with friends celebrating a birthday. Thursday night - power walked 45 min., worked on the computer for my other job., ate leftovers. Friday night - went on a bike ride for 1 hour; had supper with Michael and HEather
(HEather cooked) then went to a movie: Fireproof, highly recommend this movie!!, afterwards going to dairy queen for a dilly bar. Saturday - Had coffee and read a just bought book at Borders. Mowed the lawn, vaccumed out both cars, vacummed the house, shook out the rugs, swept the floors, bought groceries. Had tea with a neighbor for 2 hours, had leftovers for supper. Talked to Dad - we miss each other :(.

Jenny said...

I watch chick flicks and shop. Pretty typical. :)

Stephanie said...

Jared was in a continuing education class all day today, so Heather Kruger and I shopped all day :) It was fun to read your post.

Jonathan et Kari said...

I haven't experienced it yet (I know you're shocked) but I'd have to say probably bury myself in baking projects and chick flicks.

When does he come back?

Christy said...

I invite my parents over in the evening to give Audrey a bath, then rent a movie for myself to watch after she goes to bed. :)

WaitinginOhio said...

During the day you might guess it is pretty much the same, tending to the many little girls running around here. At night, I stay up all hours reading or watching dumb t.v. avoiding getting into bed without him. Hope he comes home to you soon!

Scott & Julie said...

Renae is getting so big. And she really has way more hair than Taylor. More hair and more teeth. What's wrong with my child?!

Anonymous said...

I plan fun outings with my kids. Which usually includes some shopping agenda for me with bribes of pet store, toy store, and/or out to eat treat for the kiddos! Play dates are usually scheduled to help occupy the day time. Also, I usually pick up a new kids movie and watch it with the kids in the bonus room while we eat picnic style on the floor. If Dan is gone longer than a couple days, the kids take turns getting to sleep with me.
Basically, it sounds like we function the same way.
Shopping. Eating. Distractions from the fact that we won't have a husband beside us come sleep time :(

Mandi said...

I watch MY shows ;-)

(4 words and a wink face, happy?)