Friday, October 17, 2008

Once Upon a Visa Day . . .

This is how our Visa day ended. But before I get to the place where we are on a crowded bus with a sleeping Renae, I must tell you the rest of the story.

Once upon a time, there was a little Princess. The Princess had a very important meeting to go to with her mother, the Queen. They got up early (7:00) to prepare.**

**Cultural Background Note: In Spain during this time period, days begin about 2 hours later than in the states, and end about 2 hours later than in the states. For example, many people in the U.S. go to bed around 10:00. Here, most people go to bed around 12:00 or later. In the states, people eat around noon. In Spain, lunch might begin around 2:00. So you see, when the Princess and Queen have to get up around 7:00, it's like waking up around 5:00 or 6:00 ok! It's hard!

The Princess was not too thrilled about this meeting. The Queen tried to tell her it would be a fun adventure, but neither of them seemed too convinced. They left there piso and took the underground train. Their meeting was very far away, in a distant land and it took a very long train ride to get there.

When they arrived, the found that they indeed were not the only ones invited to this special event!! There was a very long line of people anxious to enter the large gates. The Queen said a short prayer and walked past the very long line with her Princess in tow. She pulled out her official invitation and showed it to the guard at the big gate. He must have known her name was on the guest list because he let her in! When the Princess and Queen entered the inner courtyard, they found another much, much shorter line. They were asked to wait. The Princess was getting very anxious, and felt the need to stretch her dancing legs. Her Mother, the Queen, kindly allowed the Princess to run and dance for all to see. She played with the birds, and picked up interesting finds from the ground. The Princess's chariot saved their spot in the line.

After a short while, the Princess and Queen saw that is was their turn to enter the meeting hall! They entered through 2 large doors, and waited in 1 more short line. Soon after, a fair maiden called them to her desk. This woman talked with the Princess as she saw how beautiful she was. The Queen presented the maiden with a few gifts: portraits of herself and the Princess, and a form they had purchased at the bank. She received them both, and then asked the question that changed their lives forever, well temporarily: "Do you have the King's Residency card?"

The Queen nearly fainted. She had statements from law officials in her motherland, she had stamped forms and multiple copies. But she did not have the King's residency card. What was she to do?

Of course, she did the only thing she could do. She called her Prince Charming and asked him to bring her his card. The kind maiden told the Princess and the Queen that they could wait outside for the King's card to arrive. They wearily headed back out into the inner court yard where more people had entered. These guests were not getting along very well, and more guards came in to tell them to get in line, and stay in line. The Queen tried to entertain the Princess as much as she could.

They waited and waited for the King to arrive. In the meantime, the Princess made a big dookie in her pants. The Queen was forced to discreetly clean up the untimely mess.

After 3 quarters of an hour, the King, the Queen's Prince Charming, arrived and saved the day! He presented his residency card, and the Queen and Princess were ushered back into the meeting hall where they placed their seals, and portraits on a peace of paper. They walked away with a slip of paper that said: Come back in 40 days to pick up your residency card. Alas, they would make this journey one more time. The King escorted his Ladies home, and they all lived happily ever after, as almost Spanish residence holders. The End.

The author of this book would like to recommend the following book:

5 Main Reasons You Should Have Children Rather Than Horses
By J and J Masson

1. They fit in small spaces so you have no need to purchase a lot of extra equipment.

2. They are also very portable! You can literally take them almost anywhere!

3. Children are useful when going through security at an airport. With a small child, you get to move past the long line of weary travelers. People are usually willing to hold your baby (if they're cute) and help you unload all of your gear. This is REALLY something you couldn't do with a horse!

4. Children help you make friends. Would that neighbor really strike up a conversation with you
if you were all alone? Come on- you're not THAT interesting. No, we need children to make friends. (Authors note-this point has been contested due to the fact that if you had a horse with you when walking past someone on the street they may in fact start talking to you.)

5. Young Children allow you to skip the 6 hour long wait at the visa place!!!! Well worth it folks!


Jonathan et Kari said...

Queen Julie, this was such a creative post! You're a really talented writer.

I'm glad to hear you have your temp cards - that's exactly whay we have. Our real ones should be ready in December!

kpjordan said...

Congratualtions! Or, I should say...thank our Father, the real King! Very entertaining story, Queen Mother. Yes, I'm sure your king takes very good care of his ladies because he loves them so. He would even slay a dragon for them!

Scott & Julie said...

What a cute story. So glad it worked out well for you. I especially like the part where the "princess pooped her pants".

Jenny said...

And they all lived happily ever after!

Except we would be happier if we were neighbors. I miss you guys a lot today...especially little Renae. I can't wait for her to be toddeling around our house someday playing with Aiden!

Dee said...

A dookie?! A dookie? Didn't you mean a "royal dookie?"

Aunt Dee

Mandy B Stenberg said...

Such writing talent Julie! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

What a great fairy tale!
So glad Prince Charming was able to save the day and that Princess-Poopypants was fairly well behaved for the Queen!
-Britt :)