Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Evening of REAL Chinese Food

THIS is real chinese food. And it was soooo good.

Jesse's Chinese class came over to make us supper! Let me clarify. I always say "Jesse's Chinese Class" when I really mean, "Jesse's Spanish Class." Because of course he's studying Spanish, not Chinese. However, his class last term was full of Chinese students. He was the only Americano and only non-Chino. So we've had them over once for American food, and then they returned to our place to make really, really good yummy Chinese food. Did I mention it was good?

I introduced them to the wonderful world of sugar cookies. Also, really really good.

And Celia (not her real Chinese name) had a birthday! So I made a sugar cookie in the shape of a cake. It supposedly says Happy Birthday in Mandarin Chinese.

Renae kept running from Elisa who just wanted a picture!

She sat still for Elisa while she drank her bottle.

Group shot from way far away. I said I'd crop it. But instead I'm posting it as is.


kpjordan said...

Oh...wish we could have been there to enjoy the Chinese food...looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Okay - 2 things.
1) I am SO jealous you got real Chinese food! It looks delicious.
2)You and your sugar cookies! I am impressed with the birthday cake one!
3) ok - so I added a "third" thing, least someone get the wrong impression I only think about food!.... uhh...umm.... "nice post".
-Britt :)

jess said...

the food looks so good! making me hungry!