Sunday, October 19, 2008

¡Marcha por la Vida!

It's been 8 years since I trained for, and ran in a race. I've been wanting to take up running again, but I needed some kind of goal to shoot for. I hate to run as a form of exercise, but I love to compete in running. Weird, I know. So my friend and I signed up for a low key race. So low key in fact that there were no registrations, no clock to tell you your time, and no way of knowing what place you finished in. A perfect way to jump back into running.

Contra el Cancer de Mama-Fight Against Breast Cancer

At the start of the race everyone let go of their pink balloons.
Laura and I didn't have a balloon to get rid of because we were running. Yeah, we're hard core.

The American Team

Fake running . . . because we were stuck in between hundreds of walkers.

The 1st runner for the American team!

As I finished the 4000 (approximate) meters, I worked hard to pass three people on my way in, and two of them were a sweet mother and daughter team. I almost felt bad passing the 9 year old who'd kept up with her mom the entire way.

The 2nd runner for the Americans!

All Done!

And what does every runner need when they are done running?

Why a can of coke and other carbonated beverages of course!
Seriously-there was no water in sight. Nor were there any Powerade beverages. Which was weird because Powerade appeared to be a sponsor . . .

Our cheerleader. Well, we think she saw us run.

Renae's more into gymnastics than running.
And we were into our bag of Avon goodies!

Renae helped us walk to the car.

But she got bored and walked with Daddy.

Then she got tired and almost fell of of Daddy's shoulders.

Wait! There she is!

Finally, Renae decided she was ready for her run.

And Jesse was feeling out of shape so he did a few quick exercises in the park.

We had to enjoy the first tire swing we've seen in Spain.

Ah . . . only in Europe.


Jenny said...

What a fun run! was for a great cause. Have I mentioned how cute Renae is lately?

Jonathan et Kari said...

That looks like so much fun! Other than the running part, I mean :)

Wendi Reger said...

Way to go Julie! Schmaltzy would be soooo proud of you. And we are too. Hope you keep it up. The only way to eat what you want and not gain weight!

kpjordan said...

I'm proud of you, Julie! Way to go. And Renae is cute doing her gymnastics. Just don't let her finish up with a smoke. Thanks for the play by play photos.

Nate and Natalie said...

Congrats Julie! You made it look enjoyable and easy.

Andrew and Makenna said...

Apparently it wasn't a race for lung cancer!?!
Way to go JULIE! Good to see you running, you look great! (You look good too Jesse)

Scott & Julie said...

Good job Julie. At lease one of us stuck to our goal. Remember Midnight Maddness 2007? Yay, still haven't ran in anything nor have I even wanted to think about training. It just seems too painful. I'll just watch you instead.