Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Renae's Ramblings-Part 13

**Ok, Renae is letting me post this one picture, and then I must give the computer back to her. I just want to say that I'm so excited to have found a place where I can buy Dr. Pepper! It's only a little over 1$ a can . . . but worth it when I need my fix. Back to Renae. **

Thank you Mommy for that short announcement from my sponsor. Moving along . . .

Last night I had potatoes! (And yes, some ended up in my nose.)

So I have to tell you about my day today. Mommy had to sign up for a Spanish history class so she decided to take me with. (Ok, she had to because Daddy was at school.) We took the metro so I rode in a sling on Mommy's side. I think I'm too big for that because all I want to do is walk and wiggle. On the metro, this nice lady let Mommy sit in her seat. I'm not very shy, so I decided to talk to the people on either side of us. My first attempt got me nowhere. The man didn't seem to like my putting my foot on his leg, and he didn't give me any smiles! Usually I at least get a smile from people! So I moved on to the woman on Mommy's other side. She looked friendly. She talked to me and smiled at me so I decided I had the right to touch her. Mommy kept telling me to not touch other people. I don't see why it was a big deal. We're all friends right?

I want a hairstyle like Daddy.

Once we got to Mommy's new school, I could not WAIT to get down and walk. Mommy looked a little flustered as she tried to speak Spanish, get signed up for a class and make sure I didn't walk off. What does she think I'm going to do? Walk down the hall and explore? Oh wait . . . I guess I did kind of. Anyways, this nice lady held me and played with my while Mommy filled out her registration form.

What do you think of my new 'do Mom?

When we left Mommy's school, she let me walk, and walk and walk. Mommy told me we were going to walk to Daddy's school so we could ride the metro home together. So we walked (a little fast for me-I've got short legs!!) for quite awhile, because Mommy said we had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves. We even found a park and I got to swing! I wasn't too fond of Mommy when she pushed me really high. But don't worry, I let her know all about it!

Are there some leftover potatoes on my hands?

When we were close to Daddy's school, these nice older ladies started talking to me. One stuck out her finger so I grabbed onto that. How nice! I had Mommy's finger and this nice woman's finger to use as balance! Mommy and the ladies talked and they said I had a pretty name (Why do Mommy and Daddy say my name is Esther when we're not at home??) One of the ladies said she could be my Grandma for just a bit while we walked. So Mommy told them that I don't have any Spanish Grandma's because mine live in the States. They said they felt very bad for my Nana and Grandma. I do too because I'm one fun girl!

I love it when Daddy sings his song to me before I go to bed. I really was happy!

The nice ladies said good-bye and we found Daddy's school. I was excited to meet all of the people that came to talk to me. They said I'm quite a young student. Mommy that it was cute. She is a weird one sometimes! When I saw Daddy I walked right to him and let him pick me up for a hug. I got really tired and the next thing I remember was waking up in my crib at home. Mommy told me I fell asleep on Daddy during our metro ride home! Whew. If you had walked as much as I did, you would have too. Mommy says my time is up now and I have to come help her make cinnamon rolls. I tried some yesterday and they were sooo good! Maybe my Aunt Kari will teach me how to do scratch and sniff sticker online!


Wendi Reger said...

You are one busy little peanut. Don't grow up too fast while you are away from us. And I love what you can do to your hair. You'll have to share who your hair dresser is when we come for Thanksgiving.

Jenny said...

Dear Renae,
Isn't it fun to go places with your mommy? I love to go with my mama. My mama gets flustered sometimes too. Just yesterday at the court house she was trying to fill out some papers and I tried to help her hold the pen...she didn't think that was very helpful. Anyway, I can't walk yet so I think you are lucky to get to go to the park and walk. My Daddy plays the guitar for me too and I love it.

My mama says that is all I can write cause it's time to go night night.

Bye Bye!

Love, Aiden

kpjordan said...

so...what is the song Jesse sings to Renae at night? Is it one he wrote? maybe you could post a video clip of him singing it to her????? maybe on another blog?
Bet the cinnamon rolls were delicious!

Jonathan et Kari said...

I love these posts. She is such a talented writer and creative story-teller. :)

Mandi said...

Oh Renae, you are so sweet and talented! I'm still amazed at your typing skillz ;-) You have such fun filled days with your mama! Thanks for telling us about it!

Oh, and tell your mama: Tag! You're it!

P_31Girl said...

Awww...I miss you Renae!! And so does your Unlce Timmy. He talks about you all the time! You are going to be SO big when we see you next!