Monday, September 29, 2008

A Nice Fall Day . . .

Walking along one of the many trails.

Daddy and Renae taking a walk in the Crystal Palace.

"Hey you! I charge 1 euro per picture!"

We have lots and lots of beautiful fountains.

The only statue in the world dedicated to Lucifer.

Mommy gets a warm fuzzy in her heart.

The glass palace from the inside.

Care for a boat ride?


kpjordan said...

Grandma gets a warm fuzzy in her heart, too. It seems so strange to see Renae walking hand in hand with her daddy. Thanks, Julie.

Mandi said...

Man, I SO want to visit you.

Hey, did you read my monkey blog lately??? Would you host Duncan for a week or so?? I would totally love it!

Wendi Reger said...

In the picture where Jesse and Renae are walking inside the glass cathedral, they are BOTH looking down. Like father like daughter. So sweet. I hope she has a close relationship with her daddy.