Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holy Toledo!

Last Wednesday we jumped a train and headed for Toledo. This is one of the old old cathedrals there. My Dad had to go confess his sins for being mad at the guy who stole his wallet. Just kidding. (But his wallet really was stolen.)

The beatiful country side. No wonder the royal court used to reside here.

I caught my Mom on camera. She LOVES to have her picture taken.

Grampy and Renae wait patiently while my Mom and I shop. What? It's what we do best!

Shortly after a nap. This kid was so flexible all week. She missed her normal nap almost every day, but slept normal each night. We decided this is a girl that likes to be on the go, see new people, and change up her schedule. Where does she get that?


kpjordan said...

that last photo is so cute! So....when are you going to post more pictures? (I know, I'm greedy.)

Jonathan et Kari said...

I love Renae's hood! Too cute.

I never even realized Toledo was a real place. Kind of like Timbuktu in Mali, I guess. Anywho - glad you got to go, and even 'gladder' you posted photos fo it!