Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Renae's Ramblings-Part 15

I have been one busy elf lately! Mommy has been busy in the kitchen so she put me to work doing other things. I told her she needed to update her blog, but she said she had too much online shopping to do, more cookies to bake, and mail needed to be sent before she blogged. Man! Where are her priorities? So the blogging chore has been given to me. I know I do a good job so I'm not worried.

One thing we have to do around here is look at the Christmas lights. It's my main job. I keep careful watch of my puppy ornament and Thomas the Train.

I also help Daddy open packages we receive in the mail. My Nana sent us a package and Mommy and Daddy were really, really excited about this thing they put in their DVD player. On the TV screen was a fire!! I have to admit I kind of like it. Mommy and Daddy have cheesy faces on when they watch it.

I've been helping with laundry too this week. Sometimes Mommy doesn't fold the clothes quite right and I have to show her how to wad it up properly. I really like the clothes hamper and laundry room so this is a chore I don't mind at all.

I helped Mommy baby-sit yesterday. My friend is way younger than me. He's 10 months old. I have so much to teach him about life.

Daddy says he reminds him of a Kuphal! I've only met my Uncle Tom and Aunt Jenny and I don't remember much because I was little. I do remember playing video games with Daddy and Uncle Tom, and watching Mommy and Aunt Jenny sew a bunch of stuff.
Well I have more chores to get back to. Mommy needs my help finding presents for Uncle Scott and Uncle Michael, and we still have to clean for our Christmas party tonight. I'm really excited because this weekend my Uncle Trey will be here! I think he's bringing my Aunt Kari too, but I'm really excited to see my Uncle Trey! We connect. He gets me . . . and he gives me food. That's why Uncle Trey is my buddy! Back to work!


Jonathan et Kari said...

Well, I can't comment for the beloved Uncle Trey...

But I loved this post! Renae you are too stinkin' cute. And such a great bloggerette.

Wendi Reger said...

Renae, tell your mommy that in the US we have a child labor law and I don't think you are old enough to do the laundry. There are safety issues to be addressed.

But you do a fantastic job of blogging. I do believe you have your mommy's gift of blogging.

kpjordan said...

I love Renae's Ramblings! She has a great perspective on life. Sorry, Julie...but I like her blogging the best. (That would be kind of like giving the "dummy" the praise for his wit, rather than the ventriloquist, right?).
Love you, Little Peanut!

P_31Girl said...

Love your jammies with your tush hanging out!! You are such a good helper Renae!

Scott & Julie said...

Renae has way more hair than Taylor! This is not fair. Why is the first and second child so not alike?

Great post!!

Jenny said...

Dear Renae,
I think it's cool that you have a Thomas the Train ornament. My mama reads me Thomas books and I really like them. We babies have to help our mama's a lot...I don't know what they'd do without us.

Love, Aiden

Nate and Natalie said...

All I wanted to say is that the butt shot is adorable and priceless!