Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hiking near Cercedilla...

It's great having a sister-in-law who does a blog post for me . . . you'll find the same post here.

The whole gang

I've had requests from a few family members asking for an update from our visit with Jesse and Julie in Spain. Believe me, there are beau-coodles of photos to come, but here are some from a hike we went on yesterday in the meantime. We're having a great time, as you can see! (And yes, Renae is just as cute in real life.)

Isn't she beautiful?

Trey came up wih the idea to carry her little highness in a sling hammock to move things along.

Carrying the little peanut in her hammock

Les Masson...

...y los Masson

I love this picture of Julie.

Trey with his niece, Renae

Such a little star!

Trey waiting for the rest of us to get ready for the descent

And the Senoras Masson

At the end of the hike, overlooking the snowy mountains near Cercedilla

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Sharanya said...

I came to your blog via Kari's, and gosh, I'm so happy I did! I saw Renae's videos and it felt great to see her moving and squealing; I've only seen photographs of her. I hope you all had a very merry christmas :)