Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lost and Found: Chex Mix

I'd searched my local grocery store.
I'd searched Carrefour.
I even went to Alcampo.
But alas, Chex cereal was nowhere to be found.

So why does it look like there's chex cereal in my chex mix?

Because I happened to be walking down the chip aisle in Carrefour and there was a bag of cream cheese flavored corn chex! I think that had the other people in the aisle seen how my eyes lit up, they would have declared me loca.

I make chex mix every year at Christmas time and it's one of my favorite seasonal snacks. Last year, after Christmas I bought a bunch of seasoning packs to take with us to Spain. I had no idea chex cereal didn't exist here. But I could not be easily deterred and I just decided I would find the best substitutes I could. So when I found the corn chex in the chip aisle, I was beyond thrilled. Here is what I put in my Spanish Chex Mix:

  • Pretzels (broken into smaller pieces)
  • Mini-toasted bread (also broken into smaller pieces)
  • Lots of peanuts
  • Shoe string potato chips
  • "chex cereal" from Carrefour (sorry no picture-I'd already recycled the bags)

I don't have any specific measurements because I just kind of dump quantities in. I mix 6 T. of melted butter with the seasoning mix, then stir in the chex mix. (Double that for a double batch. Duh.)Then it's into the oven for 15 minute segments, at 250 degrees F. I also add extra Worcestershire sauce to the mix, and every 15 minutes after stirring, I sprinkle more Worcestershire sauce on, plus garlic salt. It turns out soooo good. Jesse even commented that this was his favorite batch of chex mix. Ever!

So if you live near a Carrefour (click here to see if one can be found in your country) you might just be in luck this Christmas. And don't worry if you don't have a seasoning mix. I used to make mine from scratch until I learned there were packets for it. All you really need is garlic powder/salt, onion powder/salt, and Worcestershire sauce.

Meanwhile in Renae world . . .

This is Renae wearing Daddy's cowboy boots . .

And this is Renae wearing her cowboy boots. I can't wait until they fit her and she can match Jesse!


kpjordan said...

Way cute!!!

Mandy B Stenberg said...

Oooooo, Carrefour! I used to shop there EVERY week in Istanbul. Good times. Miss you three. Hope your holiday is WONDERFUL! Much to my family's dismay, one of my most favorite Christmases was when I lived overseas . . . . we spent it in Amsterdam with our co-worker "family." So much fun. ENJOY!

Keely said...

That may be the cutest thing I've seen. YeeHaw!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad you found your chex! I wish I could taste it! Renae, as always, looks like a cutie...especially in those boots!

Scott & Julie said...

I love the picture of Renae in her boots. Are they pink?

MikeB said...

wooah wait a minute!! Jesse has cowboy boots??! This is such great news! I'm fixin to dance an Arkansas hoe down!!