Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jesse Graduated . . .

. . . From language school! So we invited his classmates over for a Christmas party earlier this week. What do you get when 1 Irish guy, 5 chinos, 1 polish girl and 2 Americans get together for an evening of fun . . . all in Spanish?

A whole lot of fun!

We taught them about the white elefant gift exchange, cookie decorating and typical Christmas traditions in the states. We had one "cool" gift in the exchange: A Pirates of the Caribbean DVD. If you've seen "The Office" Christmas episode from season 2, then you know how many times Ryan's IPod got passed around. Let's just say the chinese students were in typical kind fashion and there was no stealing whatsoever. Seriously. It ended up being kind of lame because each person just picked a new present! Oh well . . .

Daria and her cookie.

We went to visit Jesse at school to partake in the end of school festivities Jesse requested. (Yeah, I should note that the other students are continuing, but Jesse's part is done. He still asked the teacher if they could have a party since he was done. So humble . . . )

Renae had never met this guy before, but still she went right for him. What is it with her and men?

Jesse's class and teacher. They are missing a few students today.

Below are some videos from our time in Jesse's class, as well as 1 video of Renae trying on one of my black shoes. She's into dogs and puppies. Go figure.

Renae's new talent-tambouring playing to a Spanish Christmas song. (This is the children's version)

And yes, that is a room full of Asians singing "Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!"

Renae and Mommy's shoes. Who needs toys?


kpjordan said...

Always looking for an excuse for a party, aren't you, Jesse!
Julie..."fa ra ra ra ra? --too funny!
When Renae comes here I will have lots and lots of shoes for her to play in!

Anonymous said...

Is she wearing shoes with squeakers in them at the party? Too funny. Merry Christmas!

Scott & Julie said...

She's pretty cute. Next time we need longer video's of her.

Congrats Jesse on your graduation!

Becky said...

Congrats Jesse & on your graduation!! Love the videos!!! She looked so proud walking around in your shoe!
Have a Merry Christmas!! We will miss you here :(

P_31Girl said...

I LOVE that she loves shoes!! She would have lots of fun at my house!