Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Renae's Ramblings-Part 9

So I am almost 11 months and I think I have this bus and metro system nailed down. It's pretty easy to get around town. Mommy and Daddy have had some interesting experiences but my time on the public transportation has been pretty good overall. I mean, what's not to like? I get to hang out in my stroller and stare at people the whole time. Mommy tells me it's impolite to stare but sometimes I catch her staring too. Plus, we've all noticed that it is completely acceptable to stare at someone for minutes on end, or to look someone up and down without even pretending to be looking at something else. So I stare at people as much as I want. It's pretty fun. Then people usually talk to me or making silly faces. Sometimes that's frustrating for me as you may remember. One very important thing you should know about riding the bus, is that my stroller can only be in one exact spot on the bus. It can't be a little to the right, it can't be a little to the left, it has to be just right. Or . . . the bus driver may come out of his cage and make sure you do it just right. So if you plan on riding on the buses in a stroller, make sure you know where park!

I'm showing you some videos Mommy and Daddy took of me last night. We took the metro into town and decided we would enjoy the night time view and took the bus back. I was really glad they decided that because they let me look out the window! You see, although Mommy and Daddy don't know it, I'm a GREAT tour guide! I have learned all of the important sites, and can tell you the history as well. So when we ride the bus, I pretend I'm a tour guide and tell everyone within ear shot (and a few a bit farther out) what we are looking at. I say things like, "On the left you see the Plaza de Cibeles which is . . . ." Last night our ride took us by many cool things but Mommy and Daddy were too distracted to pay attention. They kept taking pictures of me talking to them. What are they? Asians? Anyway, I'm posting this video to show you what a great tour guide I am. Please, if you have a minute, send Mommy an email and tell her that you understood perfectly what I said.

And this is a just a video of how cute I am. Mommy says I HAVE to post it.


Mandi said...

Renae!! Ok so I only got bits and pieces of what you said... But apparently Tanner understood completely! He told me that you were only talking to other babies and that if he told me what you said, it'd be breaking some sort of baby-babble code. So... I'm sure you said you love me and miss me! Cause that's what I'd say to you! Thanks for updating, little girl!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand spanish, so I don't know what she said because it had to be in spanish!


kpjordan said...

thanks for posting for us! We sure do miss you. I believe I understood you...and i noticed you were pointing to places as you explained what the sites were. Did I detect a Spanish accent?
Love you...Gma

Jonathan & Kari said...

Good work listening to your Mom, Renae. She was right - you are cute and you did need to post that video!

Keep blogging, little one!

Becky said...

Of course...I understood every word! ;) You are becoming quite the talker Renae!! We miss you bunches!!!

Scott & Julie said...

She said (and I quote)"Get me off this bus, I'm going to be sick."

Does she need slippers? I was just going through the baby clothes and realized that somehow I have two pairs of the exact same slippers - only one pair sitll has the tags on them.

The Beasley's said...

I miss you, little chica!

Andy & Kaye said...

Oh my! That baby girl is sooo cute. I think I need to hope on the next chunnel and paddle across the channel to come see her. . . oh and of course her parents too! We were blessed to get the same commentary from Renae in Rome. Kaye (and Andy)