Monday, July 21, 2008


There are a few ways you can see the massive ancient Roman aqua ducts . . .

This way . . .

This way . . .

Or from way above . . .

Or even looking this way . .

But the best way is like this! (Masson's always make a picture better right?)

Segovia is home to a very old castle. I'm reminded of how old the place is and that I shouldn't touch anything by this very old knight.

Renae needed to confess some stuff at the castle's chapel.

Us coming DOWN the 152 stairs we'd previously climbed UP.

The view was worth it.

Cathedral where Christopher Columbus was commissioned by the King and Queen. (I think . . )

Daddy carries Renae at the end of a long day.


Scott & Julie said...

We went to Ames last weekend and something just wasn't the same without you guys. Addisyn tells me about once a week that she misses you, Jesse and baby Renae.

Jonathan & Kari said...

I love the confession picture!

And I agree - Massons make every picture a better picture!