Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Pictureless Post . . almost

Will you still read our blog without pictures? I wondered if you would, and I thought you wouldn't so at the last minute I scrounged up some random pictures from this month that you many enjoy. My camera has died, and I'd rather write a quick post than wait to recharge my camera.

We've always wanted a puppy . . .

And now Renae acts like one. We'll keep her.

Anywho . . . highlights from this week include:

1.Meeting some new friends who are visiting this week. We went out to dinner and Flamenco with one couple and had a great time talking to them about our lives in Spain. I'm so sad they have to go back soon.

2. I got to see a Flemenco performance! I had been to one in high school, but that was a long time ago, and Jesse had never been to one. It was really cool. Again, my camera in my purse was dead, but it didn't matter because you can't take pictures inside anyways.

3. I've gained more confidence in driving! I am almost an expert horn honker, and I haven't hit any pedestrians in the crosswalk (they always have the right of way) so this was a good week. I enjoy driving Spanish style (fast and aggressive)

This is just a cool building at night. Sorry it's not another picture of Renae.


kpjordan said...

The pictures are always the highlight of your blog for me. No apology necessary for the last picture not being one of Renae (since you already had included 2 of her. You have your priorities right.) But the last photo of that building at night is a nice composition.
Will be thinking of you in reference to your email updates. Thanks.
Love, Mom/Penni

Jonathan & Kari said...

She really is adorable and funny. Especially since I think she looks EXACTLY like her Papa Masson, so it's like looking at a picture of him with a chew toy in his mouth ;)

Dee said...

I'm hurt,Julie, that Sunday evening wasn't a highlight for your week. How will I bear the pain? Maybe a cute puppy like you have would help. :o)

Love you anyway. ;op
Aunt Dee

Scott & Julie said...

Is there ever a time that little peanut isn't cute and adorable?