Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday Bashes!-Updated with video!

It's been a week of birthdays around here! First, we were invited to a 5 year olds birthday party. We are friends with his parents. The food was really good, and there was lots of it!

The two coolest Massons.

Main Course . . . plus some sweets

Three birthday cakes and some more sweets.

The birthday boy.

Then we celebrated Jesse's 27th Birthday. Renae was a big help in opening presents.

Jesse blows out his birthday candles. (With some help from Renae)

The highlight of our day today was in the mail! Jesse received some late birthday presents (Dan in Real Life-yay!) as Nana and Grandpa sent us all a package of goodies from the states.

"What a great drum!"

"Ohhhhh . . . letters."

I will be making chicken tortilla casserole very soon!

Jesse's favorite cortisone cream. :)

"Nana, can you find our hidden message?"


kpjordan said...

thanks for the regular it, love it, love it! (and you guys, too)

Wendi Reger said...

I'll try to make the next package sent more interesting:) Hope Jesse like the cream (he he).

Jonathan & Kari said...

Happy birthday! I know it's passed and we technically already wished it to you, but twice never hurt anyone.

Renae looks cute as ever and I'm really looking forward to going grocery shopping with you for yummy stuff y'all can get there! Good idea, Julie.

spain dad said...

Oh, we love getting care packages in the mail from the States too! How fun!

Scott & Julie said...

Poor girl! Somebody open up those letters for her!

The Beasley's said...

I've tried 3 times to get the recipe blog up but I just can't get anything done with my mom here. Maybe soon...