Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesse!

A day of numbers:
  • 27 years Jesse has lived.
  • 9 months Jesse's Mom had to have his big head in her. :)
  • 5 years of celebrating my HUSBAND's birthday.
  • 4 cakes I have made him (the 5th one is being made soon . . .)
  • 5 hours of language class Jesse has today.
  • 3 years it's been since Tom and Jenny haven't been able to be at the party. It's not their fault, they just moved from living right down the hall from us . . . :(
  • 3 different houses were we lived when celebrating Jesse's birthday.
  • 1st time we don't have family to celebrate with. Miss you all!
  • 3 presents Jesse gets from Renae and I.
  • 27 kisses Jesse gets from me today!

Jesse turns 23 a few weeks after our wedding.

Jesse turns 24.

Jesse turns 25. And has a very mature cowboy themed birthday party.

Jesse turns 26 and wife decides pictures aren't necesary anymore. This picture is from some other time last summer because apparently, I didn't take any pictures at this birthday last year!


Mandi said...

Happy Birthday Jesse!! Love the timeline ;-) Ooh, and if you place it right, you can see 2 pictures of Jesse stuffing his face on the same screen! Corn and Pastries - yum!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday! I'm sure this one will be one you won't forget!

Makenna said...

Happy Birthday Jesse!! Hope you had a great day! I miss you tons!
Love, Makenna

Becky said...

Happy birthday Jesse!! Hope you had a great day! This will be a memorable one for sure!! Like the time line! :) :)