Saturday, May 31, 2008

On My Own....."Last (night's) Crusade"

Last night I realized that Julie wasn’t making me supper (since she is in Chicago) and that I was starting to get hungry. So what is a (temporary) bachelor to do at 10pm when hungry? That's right, I am too lazy to fix myself stone soup when there is just bread and cheese looking back at me from the fridge. So I took a walk to explore our area of the city and to find some quick grub.
Here's the problem...after walking for 30 minutes and not finding anything but jam-packed bars, I began to get discouraged. (I would be ok with going into a bar, but my language would slur - kinda like a drunkard.) shined like a neon-sign...Burger King. It's not because it's American, but it was the only place open that was "fast" food for me - and not a great language challenge to say, "numero dos, el Double Stack." There was a line of about 10 people ahead of me, and by this time it is 10:40pm. The line is not moving fast, so I have time to think about my order. I haven’t eaten nearly anything all day, and now my hunger pangs have started to pass, so I’m thinking just a simple sandwich.
But then I saw the propaganda…if I ordered a meal, I could get (yet another) Indiana Jones-themed glass mug for only 1 euro more. Sing me up!

So Julie will be proud that we have a matching pair of collector’s mugs – I think.
It doesn’t matter anyway; I know Dr. Jones needs my help.
I didn’t even finish my burger and fries – I had the Holy Grail, and it was getting late. My pistol was not in its holster, but fortunately, it was beautiful weather for a walk…and Madrid is safe at that time of night. I decided to be adventuresome and try a new way home…kinda like a short cut…kinda.I weaved in and out of streets, trying to stick close to the main ones as I headed in the right general direction. My adventure became anti-climatic when I finally came to a dead-end and had to ask some guy how to get back to my neighborhood. I made it home fine, and the journey was over. I don’t know if Spielberg could have directed a better night.

The fantastic beginning of a great legacy.


Scott & Julie said...

Nice. Way to go on getting lost. I enjoyed your post.

Jonathan & Kari said...

Great work Dr Jones. Reading of your success, I must now admit that it was I who put those hunger pangs in your stomach w/ my voodoo.

Nighttime walking/exploring can be some of the best.

Anonymous said...

Clever writing, Jesse. Now there is no excuse for infrequent postings by the Espanol Massons with THREE bloggers in the family :)

kpjordan said...

Well done, Jesse! And I think of all those years in school that you had to journal and how you hated to write. But your talent is shining through!
Love you...Mom