Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GUTI . . .

Our internet has arrived! And I just had to christen this Internet usage with a blog post.
So our friends Mike and Fer-Fer live overseas too. Before they left the states, they came up with this phrase: GUTI. It stands for Get Used To It. They would use it when realizing something so common here in the states would be so different overseas. For example:

"I'm running to Sams Club to get underwear, a computer, frozen chicken and a couch. Need anything else?"
"Not that I can think of . . . Weird. We probably won't have a place like Sams will we?"

"Nope. GUTI."

We have adapted the use of this phrase since meeting them and have used it here when we realize something really different about our lives here. Here are some of the things we've said GUTI about and some random pictures from our time so far. . .

Typical meat platter for tapas

1. Things take a lot longer to get done. (Although this internet setup didn't take nearly as long as we had hoped! So there are a few surprises!)

Jesse at the entrance to the big park.

2. If you need something on Sunday, wait until Monday and then you can buy it.

Churros are sooooo good! And the chocolate is THICK!

3. If you want to buy something between 2 and 5 in the afternoon, wait until 5 and then you can buy it.

No seriously. They are really good. One of my favorite GUTI moments.

4. If you walk into a crosswalk and a car is coming, you actually probably won't get hit. Pedestrians have the right of way. (Usually . . . )

Renae and her big brother.

5. Although I enjoy buying things from stores that specialize in their product, I can always count on a Chinese store being nearby and it WILL have almost anything you could possibly want.

TGIFriday! My Mother's Day dinner of choice. A sandwich and fries cost about 15$

6. When the futbol team wins, someone nearby shoots fireworks off. I was glad to find out it wasn't a canon . . .

Well worth it.

7. Winter clothes are worn until June 1st when it is then deemed OK to put on the summer clothes. It doesn't matter that we've already had 70 and 80 degree weather.

Renae and Jesse ride up the escalator on the metro.

8. The Metro is a pretty great way to get around. Renae has even adapted the method of Metro-sleeping. Now how people know when to get off is beyond me . . .

Mother's Day!

9. Dogs have freedom to do their business wherever they want. I have to tell myself GUTI to this one a lot.

Mickey on a break.
10. Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse are all over the place! If you are near a touristy part of town you are sure to find a Mickey Mouse making baloons. We are pretty sure Disney doesn't know they are here . . .


Jonathan & Kari said...

So does this mean we can GUT you guys updating the blog often? :) The pictures are great and I loved your list. Very fun.

Becky said...

Yay for internet!! I always look so forward to your updates!! Will look forward to lots of updates & pictures now that you have internet!! :) Glad to hear you are settling in!

aunt becky r said...

We think your updates, pictures, and the blog is great!!! Glad to hear you are settling in.

Scott & Julie said...

Yay for updating!! Great pictures too. Would it be bad if you just stuck a straw in that chocolate sauce?

Peggy said...

what a SERIOUSLY adorable baby you have!