Saturday, May 3, 2008

¡Estamos Aquí!

After 3 flights, and one bad experience flying with United, we are here! All of our luggage arrived (all 10 pieces!) safely and in one piece so that was awesome. You should have seen us pushing Renae, and 3 carts full of luggage through the airport. Luckly, Renae had won over a few airport workers who gladly helped us push the carts until we met our friends. We were taken to our apartment and then went out to eat. Since being here we have discovered:

1. A grocery store is right across the street! So convenient.
2. A panaderia (fresh bread shop) is just a few blocks away.
3. We live near a really great park that has a few cafes lining the street.
4. Our bathroom stinks quite frequently-not because of us. The pipes for the building must run all together and the stink is not so nice.
5. It´s going to take awhile to learn the metro system. However, it is clean.
6. We are close to a convenience store of sorts-good for quick candy runs!
7. Jesse resembles a Spaniard. But not just any Spaniard, a very famous Spaniard. Yesterday, a local stopped Jesse and asked him if he was Antonio Banderas! Of course to keep his profile low, he said no . . .
8. Siestas are for real. Everything shuts down from 2-5 and Renae sleeps for 2 of those hours. So do we.
9. Don´t look at the newpaper stands. Ever.
10. We are in a great location and are so grateful for where we´ve been placed.

When we get internet, I hope to post more often and to post pictures as well. ¡Until then, hasta luego!


kpjordan said...

Thank you so much, Julie for the timely update on your arrival. Sorry about the stink in your bathroom....hope you can't smell it in the kitchen/dining area ;o)
So thankful Renae is adjusting her schedule and is sleeping so well. And it's so niche that you and Jesse have siestas! Would be nice to adopt that here in the states.
We were just saying today that it was just one week ago that we saw you. Kevin was already looking at some of the video clips a couple days ago. I think he misses someone. But we're delighted we are able to go see our other grandkids next month!! So that's something fun to look forward to. Love you all...Penni/Mom

Jonathan & Kari said...

So glad to hear you guys made it and to hear a bit of what of what y'all have been doing.

Amen to number nine!!

Love, K

lankris said...

Yay!! SO glad you guys are finally on this side of the pond. We'll have to skype soon!! Love you guys!

Mandi said...

Yay you posted!! I've been stalking your blog waiting for you! I'm glad you go there safe, even if it was an adventure ;-) Sounds like you're in an awesome location - yay for nearby cafes! Dude, I think America needs to incorporate siestas into our day... you can bring that up when you return, ok?

Love you so much, I look forward to your next update!

The Beasley's said...

Antonio Banderas? Are you kidding me?

Scott & Julie said...

Okay, I need some help finding out why you can't look at the newspaper stands...ever. Please explain.

Also, praising the Lord that you all arrived safely and so did your crates. Hope you continue to adjust well.

How did Saturday go?

Mandi said...

Yeah, I agree, I also need to know why newspaper stands are a no no...

Rhology said...

You guys rock. ¡Diviértanse allí! I'm glad to have met you and pray for God's blessings for you.