Monday, May 5, 2008

Pictures of our new Hood and Travel!

So this is the bassinet United proved us . . . they said it would be a teepee stand thing. Not so much. Can you see why Renae didn't sleep so well? (and why we didn't either . . .)

P.S. I also literally got scolded for having her on the floor in the bassinet they provided. HE must have known the stewardess and the United person in DM needed prayer because each time I found myself getting frustrated I tried hard to pray for them as they probably aren't believers . . aww the joys of traveling.

Do you see why we call our stroller the SUV stroller?

Cafe type places line the park near our house.

Fresh bread every day!!!

We took a trip with a friend into the city center. (Sol) This is the Plaza Mayor. Last time we were here Renae didn't even exist!

A side street near Sol.

This is how we relaxed on Sunday night. Have we mentioned we love the park near our house?

Renae loves it here too!

This post will have to do for awhile. No idea when we'll have internet so until then, enjoy!

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Mandi said...

Yay pictures!!! Ok, so I think I HAVE to visit you guys while you're there... it looks awesome! Hehe, I had to giggle at the little doggie duffel bag - I mean bassinet?! that they expected Renae to sleep in, how funny! YUMMY about the fresh bread! I miss you! Hope you're able to update again soon! Love you!