Sunday, May 11, 2008

Still No Internet

Happy Mother's Day to me! Twice! Last week was Mother's Day here and we didn't know until the day of. Then Jesse and I BOTH forgot about Mother's Day today! So since Jesse forgot, I used that to get him to take me to TGIFridays. :) What a great Mother's Day dinner but I didn't realize how good American food sounded. (I know know . . we've only been here a week and a half but food is my weakness. This is actually the longest I've been in another country without having American food!)

After our lunch, we went to Retiro which is a huge park. It was nice to stroll and sit on the bench while Renae had her bottle. What a fun day exploring our city. We live pretty far away from all of the famous stuff here so it's fun to go into the city where we can see the European part of the city and all of the sites.

I wish I had pictures, but we I don't have our camera cord with us. This week we've been settling in, and trying to explore our neighborhood etc. I'll post pictures later! Have a great week!


Scott & Julie said...

Happy Mother's Day. It was nice to hear you this afternoon. I'm jealous that you have a TGI Friday's near you. I think the nearest one is in Des Moines. Their food always looks good on TV.

Addisyn is now saying at least twice a week "I really miss Renae. She's going to be big like me when I see her again and she'll be talking. But Taylor won't." Silly kid. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good Mothers' Day. I'm also happy for you that you have a taste of home with a TGIF close by. (Was it same as in the states, or with a definite Spanash flair?)
Hug to you and Jesse for me - and a kiss for sweet Renae on her cheek :)

kpjordan said...

Did you whine on Mother's Day? ;o)
So glad you had a good day. Waiting for the pictures. I'm sure it must be frustrating for you to have your e-hands tied.
Love you all,

Jonathan & Kari said...

Hi Julie!

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Love, K