Monday, June 2, 2008

Painting a Master(bedroom)piece

While Julie and Renae have been away, I decided to be somewhat productive. Of course I did watch a couple movies and take time to enjoy the historical culture of Madrid, at a leisurely pace :)
But I did decide to go ahead a repaint our master bedroom. Julie said that she didn't like the pastel yellow - I think we should go for the Easter-themed decor. But alas, I zoned in and after muttering through a difficult couple of conversations at the paint store, I was ready to get started. Paint, tape, brushes, rollers, plastic sheet, and of course my paint hat! That is correct, the store owner gave me a nylon paint hat to wear (much like a fishing hat...but larger) probably to give him some comic relief after having to put up with my "spanglish". Apparently this is the Spanish craze, because today I saw some in the local general store - (however, the paint store did not have a stir stick for the paint, that required mixing - oh well).

It took me half of Sunday to tape off the room, and clear it out, in order to get ready for painting. I was about ready to call that good for the new motif. Then on Monday I got up and got to work with the painting ... all day. But I think it will be well worth it do have that done before Julie gets back … hopefully it’s the right color (… I’m leaving the tape on just in case).

But here is the artwork that I am placing on our walls as a reminder.

…hmmm…something is missing…

… ahh yes … A touch of class!

I think Julie will be pleased, as that is now framed within a painted heart. Call me Picasso if you like, but I prefer just to do things like this … that are better.


Becky said...

I think you are having way to much fun while Julie is away!! ;)

kpjordan said...

It's obvious that you need Julie as a balance in your life.

You are too funny.

Your family should be with you by now...

Love you,

Eric Crawford said...

Did you both mention somewhere that she was coming back to Chicago for a while? I must have missed that.

Anonymous said...

You are TOO funny!
-Britt :)

Rhology said...

I don't get it. Isn't that what Julie would want?!?!?