Monday, April 28, 2008

Drumroll please . . .

Kari is the winner of the "What Did we do to Our Daughter?" contest! Because she was the first (and only) person to guess the correct answer, she wins an all expense paid movie premier! (See movie below.) Congratulations Kari! (Also, Renae would like to add onto this post so please see her post below the short video.)


Ok. Let me tell you what happened here. Mommy and Daddy (more Mommy than Daddy I think) decided that I should be more culturally appropriate. Apparently Renae is a boy's name in Spanish and lots of baby girls from other cultures get their ears pierced as infants. So . . . my loving parents took me to this bright and colorful place and set me on a fun purple chair.

Here I am before the horrible ordeal. I'm thinking I'm going to get some cheerios or something.

Well, you've seen the video. You know what REALLY happened! I was NOT cool with that and I made sure I let Mommy and Daddy know. (Along with anyone else walking by . . .)

But honestly, I kind of forgot about it soon after I got my bottle. By the time we got back in Nana's car, I was smiling. I have a short memory . . .

Daddy cleans my ears about 4 times a day and I kind of like the cool stuff on my ears. Overall, I'm not to mad at Mommy and Daddy. I guess being culturally appropriate is ok but I sure hope I don't have to get anything else pierced to fit in!!!

And I just wanted to put in this picture to show you how happy I am. In the background is all of our stuff. Now it's all packed up and ready to go. I don't have to ride in one of those crates though-thankfully I get to ride in the airplane in my own seat!


lankris said...

No more mohawk!! Woohoo! And oh my gosh, Jesse's face during the ear piercing... priceless. Miss you!

Tara said...

aw man....poor little girl...haha. sure is cute tho!!! ;-)

Mandi said...

Awww, and she looks so precious!
Can't wait for that first "WE'RE HERE "post! Love you and miss you!