Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lisboa . . .

During our one full day in Lisbon, we headed to the beach. The water was FREEZING. Turns out the Atlantic doesn't ever really warm up. Luckily, there are pools from when the tides come in that kids can play (and pee) in. This water was slightly warmer. Slightly.

Renae building sandcastles for Landon to destroy.

The three sand experts at work.

Jesse is "helping" Renae build a cool castle.

Little posers . . . (I didn't even tell her to lean in!)

Gotta love the hair-do . . .

That night, we went into town to see the city center for just a bit. Lisbon is a seaport (duh) so the downtown area we saw looked like an old seaworn city. It was great.

The boys watched out for Renae. Thank goodness someone took responsibility for her!

In front of one of two identical fountains.

A nice Portugese man gave Renae some bread to feed the pigeons.
Watch what she thinks of it:

We did NOT walk all the way up to that cool castle.

The Spanish Massons on the original street that lead to the main seaport of the city.

The train station. I thought it looked cool.

And then comes my favorite part of the trip . . .

DINNER AT CHILI'S!!!! They have one in Lisbon and I was SO excited to eat there!

Unfortuntely we had to share the endless chips and salsa with the kids. We were so selfless.

Back at home that night, Mike entertained the kids.
In one full day in Lisbon we went to the beach, visited the city center, ate and Chili's and had fun with friends. Not a bad little trip!! Thanks Beck's!!!

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kpjordan said...

I can't help it, but I'm just a little jealous when others get to spend time with my grandchildren when we can only skype with them (or see them once or twice a year). But our time is coming!!!! And I intend to be selfish (...while I can)