Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Post from Bavaria . . .

I promise, this is the last post from our awesome week in Germany. Promise.

Can you see why we want to relocate?

On the last night, the hotel hosted a great bar-b-que at one of their cabins located further up a nearby mountain. We had grilled steak, potatoes, CORN ON THE COB, and an assorment of other yummy yummy food. The kids were all taken care of so the adults had a nice evening of food and fun with friends.

Not even close to Iowa's sweet corn . . . but it worked.

He makes a cute German, eh?

Jesse and friends enjoying a cool drink of water in the "beerstein."

This was our hotel/conference center. The view was amazing.

We even were able to roast s'mores!!

Thanks to whoever brought the marshmallows from the states!

The "almost" inlaws were there too! So fun to see them!

Someone got a hold of our camera and played photo shoot with Jesse . . .

Renae and I on our balcony at sunset. Ahh . . .


Jonathan et Kari said...

Looks amazing.

I think I tried on that dress renae's wearing at H&M. It was about that size too, so I put the booty-dress back on the rack.

Jenny said...

If you relocate we're coming t
oo...it looks beautifu lthere! Aiden says hi to renae. He
likes her dres.

kpjordan said...

you can post as many pics from Germany as you like. You really have put that many on the blog...and I don't do facebook. So good to see new pics of all of you.

kpjordan said...

Oh, and Jesse...shouldn't you be wearing a vest in that last photo of you? Looks like "Deb" took that one.

kpjordan said...

oops...in my first comment I made a mistake...instead of "you really have put that many on the blog", I meant to say "you really HAVEN'T put that many on the blog".

Anonymous said...

Ok. Seriously. I.Am.Not. Jealous! ;)
Thanks for the nice pics. It was kinda wierd to see a pic of Glenn and Cile on your blog :)
I see the beer stein and hat.... Did Jesse pick up any liederhosen? ;)
Oh - and that is a good pic of you in that last shot.
-Britt :)