Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Renae's Ramblings Part 5

We're Back!!! Mommy and I arrived back home late Sunday night. It was so good to see Daddy again. I think he missed us.

Mommy and I were busy! We flew to Florida to see GGma and GGpa. We had so much fun! Then we flew again to Houston to see Mommy's friend Steph. Then we flew AGAIN back home. But at the airport in Denver we stopped and met up with Mommy's other good friend Heather. When we finally got home, the very next day we left in the car for Chicago. Whew! I've been busy busy busy but Mommy says I was such a good baby. It really wasn't that hard. I like flying on the planes and I liked getting lots of attention from people everywhere I went. I even made a friend on one flight. She was just a few months older than me but we talked a little bit. I think she was from Malaysia. She was so nice. Mommy is tired and has lots of things to do but she said to tell you that soon she will be posting pictures about all of our adventures. I would do it but I can't reach the plug-in on the computer for the camera. Gotta go! It's time for my nap!


Dee said...

Welcome home, Renae, I'm excited to hear all about your trip and to see the pictures.
A Dee

Mandi said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a good trip :-) I look forward to the pictures! Oh, and Um... I look forward to our movie date ;-) Hehe!

Anonymous said...

Breaking her in early for all of the traveling that will come up soon. Glad she is a good traveler. That helps! Enjoyed the posts by you both. Tim can identify with growing the beard and even not showering-eew!