Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Update

It's been a tad bit busy at the Masson house. Thankfully we don't really live in a house and only have an apartment to pack up for our big move. But still. We have lots to do. Over the past week we have:
-Packed up our kitchen
-Chosen the DVD's and C.D's we are taking with us (plus removed them from their cases so they fit in one big album)
-Boxed up the books we aren't taking
-Vacuum packed Renae's clothes for 6 months and bigger
-And lots more that I've decided I can't think of right now.

Renae received her 4 month shots yesterday. Poor girl. I held her while Jesse watched her face change shapes as the needles went into her thigh. I'm so glad she has short term memory right now . . .

My Mom showed me this HILARIOUS video that you may have already seen. Go to and type in "Charlie Bit My Finger." The video is too funny. Just hearing a little English boy talk is cute enough.

Since we don't have much food in our house we are eating at my parents house tonight and I've been told it's time to eat. Adios . . . .


ktmarie said...

yay for packing! How soon do you guys leave for the farm? Hope you are not too stressed out!

Dee said...

Are you driving? Will we be your halfway point? In other words, will we get to see you? Please?

A Dee

catieblunt said...

i love that video! i had seen it before!
I hope you have a great time at training. My friend Coty Coleman will be there at the same time!. I am very excited for y'all!