Monday, January 7, 2008

Renae's Ramblings Part 4

This is me. This is me trying my first bit if rice cereal. I'm not really sure what I think about it. It doesn't really matter though because I won't be eating it for awhile. Mommy says that I don't weigh enough to need rice cereal yet. She just wanted me to try it. Daddy took a video of me eating my cereal. How embarrassing. Would you want a video taken of you trying something for the first time? I didn't think so.

Mommy says we are leaving today to visit my Great Grandparents in Florida, and then flying somewhere else to visit a friend of hers. Yay! It's my first plane ride. I hope the take off and landing don't make me cry. We will see! Mommy will post when we get back from our trip. Daddy will still be here but he doesn't even know how to make a post. I wonder if he knows his 4 month old daughter can post on the blog?

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Dee said...

Love your new banner and color. It's always nice to be able to change out, isn't it.