Sunday, November 9, 2008

Renae's Ramblings-Part 14

Mommy's been sick this week. So she asked me to update the blog. Daddy got sick too but she knows I'm a better blogger than Daddy. I'm getting sick too. Why do I have to do the blogging?

So this week Mom made a really, really, really good chocolate dessert. She let me watch. I couldn't wait to try it! So when she turned around to wash some dishes, I grabbed the nearest utensil and dug in. It was goooood. When Mommy turned around she was not very happy. But then she started laughing after she got a good look at me. I was scared I'd be in big trouble so I turned on the water works. Mom just laughed and took a picture. And apparently, the cake wasn't for us anyways. Big bummer.

I love to play with my shoes. I love to play with Mommy's shoes. I REALLY love to play with Daddy's. For awhile, whenever we were about to go out, Mom would ask me, "Renae where are your shoes?" I don't always understand when she talks to me so I couldn't really help. Well as it turns out, Daddy and her had been looking for a few days for these puppies:

I wish she would have been more specific in her question. I could have told her my shoes were in the wine rack where I store lots of my treasures. I'm kind of bummed my hiding spot has been found out. I'll have to move my secret candy stash elsewhere.

"Now where can I hide these?"

Daddy says that when I was really little I would take naps like this. Dad says he really misses that. I'm a big fan of Daddy so I decided that a nap with Daddy sounded like a good idea. I love my Daddy.


Tom said...

One word: CUTE!!!! I just want to get my hands on that little girl and squeeze her! It's so funny how she hides things!

Lanzens Life said...

Very cute. =)

Scott & Julie said...

Taylor always puts her shoes in Addisyn's shoe basket.
Hope you all are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

awww...she just gets cuter and cuter!! Wish you guys were here!

kpjordan said...

Bet Renae was enjoying that chocolate prior to being found out. Love that last one of her laying on Jesse's chest. Thanks for taking so many pics, Julie. Love seeing you guys via the blog!

Mandi said...

Oh Renae, your mommy should let you blog more ;-) I do love it so much! I hope you enjoyed that chocolate, you'll grow to appreciate it more and more as you get older! I love you guys, tell your mommy I miss her!

PS are you excited about Nana and Grandpy coming soon?? I know they are excited to see you and your mommy and daddy!

Wendi Reger said...

Good job blogging Renae. Hope you are all healthy next week when we come to see you. I'll help you find new spots to hide things, like Daddy's black licorice stash.

Anonymous said...

I love Renae's sad face... and her hiding spot for her shoes!
-Britt :)