Thursday, November 20, 2008

Piso Pics

My Grandma asked me if she'd missed the post where I posted pictures of our place, and I realized I never had! Since my parents arrive tomorrow, the piso is in tip-top shape, so what better time to take pictures right? These are taken at night, and our apartment came furnished so I don't claim ANY of the window treatments. But the decorations I do. FYI.

Welcome to our home! This is what you see when you walk through the door.

My alley kitchen. It may look small (it is) but Europeans are good at utilizing space! Through that door is my laundry room-home of the washing machine, drying rack, broom, vacuum, recycling container, UHT milk stored in bulk, and other miscellaneousitems.

La sala.

And the back view of the living room.

This used to be a third bedroom. It's tiny! This is our "office."

Renae's room! Those books are put away, but usually they are strewn all over the room. As for the toys in the basket, those are also usually found in each room of the house during the day. This room is just as tiny as our "office" but I still managed to divide it in half so Renae had a play area.

Can you figure out what room this is?

The other end of the bathroom.

Our room. The duvet cover really helped the room look cute despite the burnt orange curtains. Now it's pretty cute!

A wall of mirrors! Renae LOVES playing with the sliding mirrors, and smiling at herself.

The message board all ready for my parent's visit!!

All rugs, comforters and cute decorative items can be found at your local IKEA! We love that place!


Anonymous said...

How did you find such a nice apartment, already furnished? Is it expensive?

Jenny said...

Julie, your home looks SO cute! I love it! I absolutely love the wall of shelves and cupboards in the living room. Your added touches have made it very homey. I really want to come curl up on your couch and eat potato chips and dip with you and just chat! THanks for posting pics! I've been wanting a "tour."

Becky said...

You have a VERY CUTE home!! I love you shelving on the back of your living room!
Your parents should almost be there! Bet you can hardly wait!! This will be a very memorable Thanksgiving!

Jonathan et Kari said...

It's great! Very warm and welcoming. And huge! ;)

P_31Girl said...

I was JUST getting ready to comment that I could tell you like Ikea!! I LOVE that place..wish we had one closer!

Keely said...

That's nicer than any apt I've ever lived in! do europeans not believe in dryers or real milk??? enjoy the time w/ your parents and turkey day. (you ARE celebrating turkey day, aren't you?) love, keely

Chris and Kate Borders said...

Love it! Thanks for the pics. SO glad your parents get to be there! Have such a great time - I look forward to more pics. Oh, and I LOVE Renee's new hat!!