Saturday, November 15, 2008

Renae Draws on Herself

So as it turns out, my battery died on the camera as it was downloading. I DO have pictures of the hole in the wall! You are double lucky today because I know you are dying to see pics of a hole in the wall.

Looking into Renae's room.

Zee hoooooles.

Now back to Renae . . . .

Last weekend we all were a little sick, and I had to get creative in keeping Renae entertained. So I pulled out a large piece of paper (paper table cloth to be exact) and let her have at it with markers. I had enough sense to strip her down before I gave her an uncapped marker.

I think she will be one of those teens who wants tattoos when she's older.

Attempting to draw on the paper (a the rug too . . .)

I traced her body and it came out looking like we have a wider than normal little midget for a daughter.


Tom said...

Such a great artist! She looks like she's gotten so tall! The hole in your wall was HUGE! What an episode.

P.S. Aiden says that he really likes Renae's body art.

Catie said...

aw renae is so precious! i lovedddd the kitty pictures!

thanks so much for keeping up with my blog and commenting!

maybe one day we will meet up! If you are looking for a vacation stop you can come visit me!