Monday, September 8, 2008

Renae's Ramblings-Part 12

Today's post is entitled, "A Fun Day in the Life of Me." You see, my life is very interesting. Each day something new and exciting happens. Last week, I had a very, very exciting day. Let me tell you all about it . . .

I can usually climb by myself . . .

Swinging with Daddy is so fun!

Aww Dad . . . a kiss in public?

It began when my Mommy and Daddy put me in the stroller. That is always a clue that we are leaving the house as I usually don't get to ride around the house in the stroller. But I try to push it sometimes if Mommy forgets to put it away. We headed out of the apartment and I got really excited. "Woo hoo! I get to see the world! Wow! Look at that woman! And look at that dog that just wet his diaper on the street! How interesting!" I said to myself. (Since Mommy and Daddy still can't figure out what I'm saying . . . they are so slow!)

I stayed in the stroller for awhile observing all of the people that we passed. After a really long time (Hey! Time passes slowly when you are a 1 year old!) we finally stopped at a park! I love when we get to go to the park! What I love most about the park is all of the dirt, cigarette butts, and leaves on the ground. It's so cool! Mommy always tries to talk a lot about the cool slides and swings as if they were made of chocolate or something, but I know that really, the dirt is the best thing about the park. I mean, what's not to love? You can put your hands in it, you can crawl in it, it's the best!

This particular day was really fun because Mommy AND Daddy came. That doesn't always work out. Daddy swung with me, he went down the slide with me, it was a pretty fun time. They even let me play in the dirt . . . for just a little bit.


So yeah . . my life is pretty sweet. The park was the highlight of my week. Especially since the next day Mommy took me all over the place looking for new shoes for me. That was not my favorite day . . . But in general life is good. Everyday I get up and start walking all over our apartment. Mommy says it's kind of small, but I find it huge. She says it's because I have very short term memory. At least, I think Mommy said that, it could have been Daddy . . . well maybe it was . . . hey want to go to the park?

"Renae, can you PLEASE just sit down for 1 second?"

Just Mommy and Me . .

This is how I point to something I want, something I see, something I like . . . it's a multi-purpose hand sign.

I get a bath after playing in the dirt . . .


Wendi Reger said...

It looks like everyone had fun at the park. Mayabe Nana and Grandpy can take her there when we come in November.

Scott & Julie said...

She's getting so big! Cute post though little Rae-Rae!

lankris said...

Haha.... ok my two favorite parts:

1. Is Jesse trying to be a Spaniard with the new 'do? That mohawk is killer.

2. I love the end of the video when we all just get to look at the pretty trees.

Love you guys!

Jonathan et Kari said...

Nice 'do, Jesse! Très French.

- K

kpjordan said...

NOT nice 'do, heffe!
But I still love you.
Love to see posts of Renae's Ramblings....always so fun to read...and love the pics. Thanks, guys.