Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Trip Back in Time . . . Sort Of UPDATED

Have you ever wondered if you would have been friends with your parents or siblings had you attended the same high school as them? Well now is your chance. Check out their Yearbook now . . .

Jesse-Class of '74
Voted Most Likely to Purchase Hairplugs by the time he is 30.

Julie-Class of '72, Wendi-Class of '72
Voted Most Likely to Be Best Friends for Life

Jesse-Class of '98
Voted Most Likely to Start a new Reality TV Series entitled, "The Biggest Loser."

Wendi-Class of '90
Voted Most Likely to Raise the best 4 kids in the world.

Rick-Class of '82
Voted Most Likely to Skip classes, cheat on tests, and feign illness. As they used to say, "Not!"

Julie-Class of '94
Voted Most Likely, to like, maybe go to College or something.

Renae-Class of '62
Voted most likely to Change the World

***Penni-you are lucky I couldn't find one of you . . . I tried and tired and learned we don't have very many pictures of you! It must be because you are the paparazzi behind the camera? And I was on my way to do all of our siblings but . . . well it's 2:30 in the morning. WHY am I up doing this??

I found one of Penni!!!! She was a real beauty back in '82 . . .


Becky said...

Now that is hilarious!!! That should be good incentive for Jesse to really watch his diet :) Too funny!!

kpjordan said...

Absolutely hilarious, Julie!!! The pictures with Jesse's face, which I didn't recognize for a while, were awful...he actually looks ugly. And I'm his mother! (Sorry Jesse). And my granddaughter isn't all that cute either. Maybe I should be grateful that you couldn't find any pictures of me. You're too funny. Glad you were up at 230 a.m.

Jonathan et Kari said...

I LOVE the one of Jesse in 98. Too funny!

Wendi Reger said...

I love the hair dos! Go to Bed!!


Jason & Jen said...

Easy with the Class of '94 picture . . . That's when I graduated and I had a very similar hair-do!

Jen Lee

kpjordan said...

Actually, in the first photo, Jesse looks like Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite...seriously!!!

Mandi said...

Ok, the picture of Fat Jesse cracks me the heck up!!!!! Hilarious!

Dude, I went to get the pictures that I'd done - they were saved weird, I'd have to re-do it if I wanted to post them! Suck Monkey!