Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Visit From Friends

This week we had the pleasure of hosting some of our dear friends I met when student teaching in Caceres. They were stopping through and needed a place to stay. Paula and I caught up on the past 3 years, and Renae met her new friends. I had more pictures of the week, but my camera is acting up and I don't know what happened to them. Paula and I also traded books which was a treat because we both love the same books.

Renae is wearing her new outfit from our friends. She looks so happy to be in this picture

Renae also watched some TV with the kids. Don't worry-it was only for a little bit.

Jesse converted new followers! Everyone who learns the wonderful game of Settlers always ends up asking us, "Where can I buy this?" Everyone that is except for Jesse's brother. Don't worry. We will convert him one of these days . . .


Jonathan & Kari said...

Good luck with the conversion. He can be pretty stubborn. :)

Glad you guys got to see some friends...and for the Renae photos!

kpjordan said...

I'd like to see Jesse play Settlers with his nephew, Ethan who is 6 yrs old. Maybe online, Jesse?

Jenny said...

we love that game too...even I love it and I usually win! HAHA! Aiden is his fathers son for sure. If the TV is on he just can't take his eyes away from it. Whatever will I do? Send me the list of the books you're reading. I think my life may finally be providing me with a few minutes a day to actually read a novel. Love you!